Watch: Tucker's Explosive Devon Archer Interview, Admits Joe 'Knew That Business Associates' Were On Call

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Aug 03, 2023 - 09:45 AM

Tucker Carlson dropped a shocking interview on Wednesday with Devon Archer, two days after the former Hunter Biden associate testified before Congress, where he admitted that he and Hunter Biden essentially traded on the Biden name, but also claimed that 'the big guy' wasn't involved.

Tucker begins by asking Archer if he thinks Hunter could have succeeded as well in his business endeavors if he was not the son of the vice president. Archer trod a little carefully at first, reflecting on Hunter's law school background but then admitted:

"The brand of Biden adds a lot of power when your dad's the Vice President."

Archer also confirmed "yes, I can definitely say that" then vice-president Biden knew there were officials in the room when he got on the speakerphone with Hunter Biden - the 20 or so times that Archer recalls.

“So Joe Biden, who is very much a product of Washington, of course must have known that he was calling into effectively a business meeting,” Carlson said. “Something’s happening. He must have understood that that was kind of what his son was selling.”

“Well that’s hard for me to speculate,” Archer answered. ” “But like, just to keep it to the facts, Joe Biden, then the sitting Vice President knew that there were Hunter’s business associates in the room,” Carlson pressed.

“Yeah, I think I can definitively say at particular dinners and meetings, he knew there were business associates and he, or if I was there, I was a business associate too. So I think, you know, any of the other colleagues from the DC office or New York were there,” Archer said.

He also said that Hunter's ability to reach out during business meetings to the then-VP was the "pinnacle of power in DC".

Understanding a regulatory environment means selling access... most people interpret it that way.


...the power to have that access in that conversation, and it's not in a scheduled conference call and it's a part of your family, that's like the Pinnacle of power in DC. -Devon Archer

"...if you're sitting with a business associate and hear the vice president's voice, that's prize enough...that's pretty impactful stuff," Archer continued, adding that it was "an abuse of soft power."

Archer also admitted that he "flew too close to the sun" and "got burned" by the Biden family - and that it's "disingenuous" to act unsure as to why Ukrainian energy giant Burisma hired Hunter, who served on its board from 2014 - 2019.


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