Watch: Woman Becomes A "Trans Man" Then Realizes Being A Man Is Too Hard

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 11, 2023 - 09:00 PM

The modern social narrative is that men have always held all the cards, held all the control and kept the good life locked up tight behind an almost supernatural barrier of male privilege and patriarchy.  Not only do men hoard power like sleeping dragons hoarding treasure, but they are also supposedly maliciously "toxic";  driven insane by a dangerous and mysterious radioactive energy called "masculinity."  They are unstable creatures with a hair trigger, ready to rape and pillage without warning.  Men need to be subdued, observed and conditioned from childhood to be more like women.

These beliefs have become so ingrained into progressive culture that they are now doctrine.  The patriarchy is a fact, even though they have no proof of its existence.  Male privilege is a fact, even though women have all the same rights as men under the law in the western world.  And all men are violent and vicious towards women if given the chance, though, if that were true then feminism would not stand a chance of survival in America or Europe.  It would not be allowed to exist.

But what if the leftist perception is actually the opposite of reality?  What if women enjoy far more privileges than they could ever know?

Libs Of TikTok gives us some insight into the conundrum with a recent post of a woman who "transitioned" into manhood, only to discover that being a man is so hard she now understands why men are much more likely to commit suicide...

The video is revealing on multiple levels.  The woman above tries to express the difficulties of becoming a trans-man while still clinging to the precious victim status of womanhood.  She's incapable of reconciling the two dynamics, and even suggests at one point that such pain could be solved by people providing even more attention and kindness to women.  

It is very reminiscent of other female attempts to prove that men "live on easy mode," such as writer Norah Vincent's famous experiment in 2006 of living as a man for 18 months.  The project was supposed to last for two years, but Vincent found being a man so difficult and intolerable that she ended it early (the stress of pretending to be someone else was also a factor).  The writer discovered how cold women can be towards men and found she started to develop negative opinions of women as a whole.  Sadly, Vincent would go on to commit assisted suicide in 2022. 

First and foremost, it's not enough to wear the costume of a man - Men are fundamentally and biologically different from women in every way, including how they process the world and deal with adversity.  Women enjoy the comfort of collective support and group affirmation, that is how they cope with hardship.  Men are far more likely to deal with the struggle alone; in fact, men often prefer to be alone in order to mentally regenerate.  Here is comedy legend Patrice O'Neal to explain the simple psychological differences between men and women:

No matter how much a woman wants to become a man due to the illusory privileges she thinks they have, she will never be a man in the head.  It's not possible.

A second factor to consider is that men tend to be more isolated and more dangerous for a reason - Men are expendable, by design.  From the beginning of recorded history men have been the cannon fodder for keeping civilization intact.  When the saber-toothed tigers attacked the tribe or the village was threatened by marauding armies it was the destiny of each able-bodied man to risk almost certain death to keep the women and children safe.  To provide and protect is an integral part of almost every man's circuitry.  

However, in first world societies government and bureaucracy have taken over the role of provider and protector, with numerous monetary and security safety nets for women.  With men's primary biological role now treated as peripheral and unimportant, men are left to search for new meaning with very little in the way of social support.  In the feminized west, masculine men are seen as potential powderkegs; walking time bombs without a purpose that could wreak havoc at any moment.

But the truth is, as soon as disaster erupts and those first world safety nets disappear women come running back to men for safety, expecting them to fulfill their job as cannon fodder once again.  As the venerable Bill Burr notes "There are no feminists in a house fire."

At bottom, masculine men end up in leadership roles more often because they are built for the job.  They are inherent risk takers and are more capable of self sacrifice for the good of the tribe.  Feminists believe that women can take on these responsibilities while also enjoying the privileges of collective emotional support and the coddling that modern society provides, but the two things are mutually exclusive.  They can't have both, and some "trans men" are slowly starting to discover this, to their horror.