"We're At The Beginning Of Something New" - Kunstler Warns "An Ass-Beating Is Coming Down"

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 14, 2023 - 08:20 PM

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

¡No más!

” It’s Not Left Vs Right Anymore, it’s Anti-Establishment Versus Pro-Establishment.”

- Glenn Greenwald

Karma is God’s hickory switch, and almost always applied with a cosmic chortle.

Things come around when a certain excess cargo of cognitive dissonance breaks the brains of those just struggling to carry on.

The country has had enough — enough walking-talking hypocrisies, enough trips laid on it, enough Tik-tok lectures from the nose-rings-for-lunch-bunch.

We’re at the end of something and the beginning of something new. As in: an ass-beating is coming down.

Cue one Oliver Anthony, southern country boy with a flaming red beard and a new anthem for millions sore-beset by the relentless effronteries of the ruling elites. 

Rolling Stone Magazine, a ruling elites house organ, played the phenomenon this way:

These things listed above are…what? Things that Rolling Stone is in favor of? Pet causes? High taxes and obese people on welfare? And Mr. Anthony’s song is dissing them? You mean Right-Wing influencers shouldn’t mention Jeffrey Epstein’s name? Is it just plain rude… or does it stir up unappetizing questions that are better off not being asked (in polite company)? Kind of shows you where the battle lines are drawn now, doesn’t it?

Perhaps the final insult galvanizing all this sentiment in a song was Merrick Garland’s devious Friday afternoon announcement — when, theoretically, no one was paying attention — that he appointed US Attorney David Weiss as Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden matter. This is the same David Weiss, you understand, who oversaw the Hunter Biden investigation for the past five years before ascertaining anything that might be chargeable from a vast inventory of financial crimes with an overlay of documented sex and drug transgressions. The same David Weiss who let the statute of limitations run out on many of those crimes while he dawdled and frittered in Wilmington. The same David Weiss who cooked up a wrist-slap plea agreement on all this, with a hidden Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free clause inserted slyly in the fine print of the so-called “diversion agreement” that would have immunized Hunter B against any further inquiries — which Judge Maryellen Noreika discovered only by chance at the last moment, scotching the deal.

(And yet, the government now claims that the diversion agreement — and Hunter B’s immunity from further charges — “stands alone,” is “in effect” and “still binding.” Hmmmm….)

This sort of in-your-face audacity sums up Mr. Garland’s reckless, lawless run as a rogue attorney general. But then who do you appeal to for relief? Anybody wondering why there is actually no justice in America these days need seek no further.  By the way, the appointment of Mr. Weiss was patently illegal. The Special Counsel statute states plainly that the post can only be occupied by someone not in the employ of the government. Does Mr. Garland not know how this works?

What the AG also flung in America’s face was the “ongoing investigation” dodge that supposedly would allow the DOJ to avoid answering any congressional inquiries into Hunter Biden’s tangled financial crimes, which, after all, were committed in the service of the Biden family global racketeering operation. Has a cover-up ever been more blatant? And so now the time has come to impeach Merrick Garland for breaking the special counsel law and obstruction of justice. It’s pretty cut and dried, and it should be the first order of business when Congress returns from its August recess making the rounds of the county fairs. The second order of business should be the impeachment of “Joe Biden,” if he hasn’t resigned before Labor Day.

*  *  *

On a different but hugely consequential note, and related to the long-running outlandish mendacity of the US government, an attorney for the Federal Drug Administration told a federal appeals court in Louisiana hearing a lawsuit last week that the agency actually had no policy against the use of ivermectin for Covid-19.

FDA was not regulating the off-label use of drugs These statements are not regulations they have no legal consequences they don’t prohibit doctors from prescribing Ivermectin to treat COVID or for any other purpose. Quite to the contrary there are three instances I’d like to point the court to in the record that show that FDA explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID.”

How true is that?

The FDA coerced Blue Cross and other insurers to warn doctors not to prescribe ivermectin for Covid-19, and likewise the Federation of State Medical Boards and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to not fill doctor’s prescriptions for ivermectin for Covid-19 patients, despite the fact that it was among the best, most effective, and safest treatments for the disease. The FDA put out public service announcements telling Americans not to take ivermectin.

From The FDA’s Official Website, Dec 10, 2021:

The net effect was that state medical boards persecuted doctors for prescribing the drug (e.g., Maine Medical Board’s persecution of Dr. Meryl Nass).

Also that hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 patients were denied early treatment, many of whom died.

We all know why the FDA pretended that ivermectin was not allowed to be used.

Because it would have removed the Emergency Use Authorization that designated mRNA shots as the sole response to Covid, and it would have obviated the pharma companies’ liability shield for anything that went wrong. Of course, the whole damn thing went wrong and millions are now paying the price.

Is this the beginning of the unwind of a colossal crime by those Rich Men North of Richmond against the people of this land?

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