"What Are We Doing?" Ana Kasparian Flips Out After Suspects In Murder, Dismemberment Case Released In New York

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Mar 21, 2024 - 06:45 PM

'You know it's bad when...'

A shocking, under-reported story about the absolute state of New York's bail reform laws has now gone viral, after left-wing journalist Ana Kasparian went on an epic rant against policies that her fellow Democrats absolutely voted for.

It appears that it took New York releasing suspects in a double-murder / dismemberment case to start red-pilling the wine grannies on The View - a story which made its way to Kasparian.

Earlier this month, three roomates were charged with hiding pieces of two dismembered bodies, which were hacked up with meat cleavers and then scattered around Long Island.

J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday RM via Getty Images

The suspects, Steven Brown, 44, Jeffrey Mackey, 38, and Amanda Wallace, 40, along with homeless woman Alexis Nieves, 33 - allegedly tried to conceal the corpses in what the NY Post called "a scheme so grisly that the drains, toilets, sinks and showers stopped working in the Amityville home where three of the accused had just moved weeks earlier," Suffolk County prosecutors claimed.

Whatever led up to the deaths and hacking, the four allegedly removed  “sharp instruments, multiple body parts and other related items” from the two-family house on Amitville’s Railroad Avenue between Feb. 27 – when the first remains were found by a child walking to school – and Monday, when cops raided the home, Suffolk police said.

Schroeder said authorities collected a heap of evidence including body parts, meat cleavers, butcher knives and a significant amount of blood.

“In disposing of the body, this defendant rendered the sink, showers, drains and toilets inoperable,” Schroeder told the court each time one of the four appeared to answer the charges.

“The barbaric lengths this defendant went to in disposing of these bodies should show the court the lengths this defendant would go to flee the prosecution of these charges.” -NY Post

The suspects were then released with GPS ankle monitors.

"This is yet another absurd result thanks to ‘Bail Reform’ and a system where the Legislature in Albany substitutes their judgment for the judgment of our judges and the litigants in court," said Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney, who slammed the state's bail laws.

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Meanwhile, suspect Amanda Wallace was arrested again for allegedly stealing beauty products from a CVS in Lindenhurst on Friday.

Too much for Ana...

The shocking lack of basic police work caused The Young Turks' Ana Kasparian to flip out - who said "If being on the left means supporting this, then I'm not on the left."

Kasparian then suggested that New York's bail reform laws are responsible for a rise in subway crimes, and Hochul wouldn't have had to deploy state troopers and 750 Naitonal Guard members to perform randum bag checks if the city would simply prosecute criminals

"What are we doing?" she continued.

Kasparian also railed against New York judges, who she says are unable to weigh the severity of crimes when considering bail - and that the state needs to have a larger discussion over criminal justice reforms.

"So this was published in 2020. As I was researching it, I came across this headline, New York City Subway Thief Thanks Democrats. After his 139th arrest release. Bail reform. It's lit," she said, adding " So since, you know, New York is unwilling to reform its bail reform laws, New Yorkers, enjoy your random bag checks by National Guard troops in the subway system. If you can't reform this law instantly, then the government doesn't function."

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