"Why No Advertiser Boycott?" Musk Nails Disney's Iger After Facebook Child Sexual Abuse Bombshell

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Dec 07, 2023 - 11:45 PM

Elon Musk took another shot at Disney CEO Bob Iger Thursday, after the state of New Mexico sued Meta for allegedly enabling child sexual abuse and trafficking - yet Disney and other woke advertisers, who paused advertising on X in a kneejerk reaction to claims of antisemitism - apparently have no problem when it comes to the sexual exploitation of minors.

"Why no advertiser boycott, Bob Eiger? [sic]" Musk posted on X. "You are endorsing this material!"

"He should be fired immediately," Musk continued in a response to a question over why Disney hasn't canned Bob.

In response, people have been revisiting reports that Disney was offering snorkeling trips to Jeffrey Epstein's "Little Saint James" island.

The fact check on this is beyond hilarious... with Snopes suggesting that it's false because " the claim is based on the incorrect assumption that snorkeling in the waters around a private island is the same as physically standing on that island," and "Second, the trip advertised is not one that is, or was, led by Disney. It was, instead, what is known as a "Port Adventure." These are activities recommended by Disney that can be found, for extra cost, when  docked at various ports of call on Disney Cruises."

In short, Disney only recommended the trip to Epstein's pedo island, and it doesn't count if it's just snorkeling.

Meta Sued

On Tuesday, New Mexico sued Meta for "knowingly" exposing children to 'sexual exploitation and mental health harm.'

In a Tuesday court filing, New Mexico’s Attorney General’s (NMAG) Office revealed that it had conducted an undercover investigation, creating fake accounts of minors which were then used to fish for offending content, according to a press release reported by the Daily Caller.

"Meta and its CEO tell the public that Meta’s social media platforms are safe and good for kids," reads the lawsuit. "The reality is far different. Meta knowingly exposes children to the twin dangers of sexual exploitation and mental health harm. Meta’s conduct has turned New Mexico children who are on its platforms into victims. Meta’s motive for doing so is profit."

And crickets from Disney...

To recap the spat, Disney and other advertisers signaled maximum virtue in response to Musk's endorsement of a post on X which clumsily attempted to explain that Jews who support woke ideology, which includes anti-occupation rhetoric, are reaping what they've sewn in regards to the Hamas attack on Gaza and the ensuing pro-Palestinian protests. Musk later apologized, but it was just the 'antisemitism' needed for establishment advertisers to leave the platform amid broader concerns over 'hate speech.'

Iger went on the NYT Dealbook Summit on Nov. 29, where he explained that "By him taking the position that he took in quite a public manner, we just felt that the association with that position, and with Elon Musk, and X, was not necessarily a positive one for us and we decided we would pull our advertising."

To which Musk infamously said hours later, "Go... Fuck... Yourself..." calling out Iger by name. 

Days later, Musk called Disney the "world’s biggest example of go woke, go broke."

Fast forward to today...