Woke Maryland Private School Questions Young Boys About "Gender" & "Sexuality"

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jan 28, 2024 - 03:40 AM

Reversing the "woke" takeover of America's education system will require a concerted effort from concerned parents who don't want their children infected by the woke mind virus

The latest example of parents becoming infuriated with diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI being injected into the education curriculum, comes from an elite private school in Baltimore County, Maryland. 

Project Veritas posted on X this week that St. Paul's, a private school that charges $38,000 or more per year, issued a questionnaire to 5th-grade boys, asking if they were "Cisgender" or "Transgender" or "Gender Non-Conforming" or "Agender." 

The same questionnaire asked the boys about their "sexuality"...  

Why does the school need to know about the gender and sexuality of young boys? This seems quite unusual.

Meanwhile, the headmaster of the school threatened to expel two students whose parent complained about wokesim on social media. 

Here's the reason why parents are not allowed to talk with the press: a pre-existing contract between the school and parents places a "gag order" on them (screenshot of contract text via concerned parents of the school): 

A parent at the school provided us with an internal memo from Patrick Walsh, Middle School Dean of Students, who told teachers: "We will not apologize" for being woke. 

Del. Nino Mangione, R-Baltimore County, said: 

"This is a deeply concerning report and speaks to the ongoing crisis in the education of Maryland's children.  The fact that a "survey" of this type could be distributed to 5th-grade students without the knowledge or permission of their parents is totally unacceptable. Once again, we see the liberal education establishment attempting to indoctrinate children rather than educate them. Now, we learn of the two largest teacher's unions in the country training educators on how to include gender identity polices in their curriculum and classroom teaching practices. Parents are justifiably outraged by St. Paul's "identity inventory survey," and I support the parents in their outrage." 

Last April, another elite private school down the street from St. Paul's, called Gilman, went full-woke tard with the "Day of Dialogue" to enrich their students about "LGBTQ connections in our curriculum." 

And let's not forget another elite private school, Oldfields School, which was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy for years, dived down the woke rabbit hole on social media. 

Parents at these woke private schools should adopt a firm stance, similar to Bill Ackman's move that ousted Claudine Gay as president of Harvard. If this proves ineffective, consider withdrawing from these schools, but then again, many private schools in the area are woke. Plus, many public schools have imploded. 

Maybe it's time for homeschooling. Or perhaps, if enough parents band together, start a non-woke private school.