"Zero Critical Reasoning": Employers Say GenZ "Toxic" For Companies

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Thursday, Mar 28, 2024 - 01:20 AM

A new report has found that 68% of small business owners say Gen Z employees are the "least reliable," while 71% say they're most likely to have a mental health issue in the workplace.

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One of the employers surveyed spoke of Gen Z's "absolute delusion, complete lack of common sense, and zero critical reasoning or basic analytical skills," according to the Freedom Economy Index report conducted by PublicSquare and RedBalloon this month.

Less than 4% of those surveyed said Gen Z was the generation that most aligns with their workplace culture, while 62% said Gen Z's were most likely to create division and toxicity in the workplace.

Another employer surveyed said the generation is "expecting promotions for simply showing up every day."

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What's more, 57% of those surveyed said that Gen Z runs the most risk of creating a workplace lawsuit.

Newsweek has come out in defense of Gen Z, citing two experts who say the kids are just misunderstood.

Dan Space, an HR consultant who runs, said since the study reflects the feelings of small business owners, it could be skewed. These types of businesses often do not pay well or offer a high-quality company culture, he said, and Gen Z tends to look for those in any type of role or career they take on, he said.

"Gen Z is one of the most informed, confident and no BS generation because they saw what happened to the millennials before them," Space told Newsweek.

"Being told to go to college to get a great job, graduating with up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, with zero tools to get a job, land somewhere and not be given the information on salaries, career development, moving towards compensation models that use mixed variations....So I find they are just far more comfortable with not putting up with this BS and being informed," Space continued.

Space conceded that Gen Zers are most likely to have mental health issues, 'but he does believe they are more likely to be confident in discussing it and drawing boundaries,' Newsweek reports.

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