"Al Capone Style": Musk Reveals "We Unloaded Entire Drum of Tommy Gun" Into Cybertuck

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Oct 20, 2023 - 07:25 PM

Elon Musk revealed on X his team of Tesla engineers "emptied the entire drum magazine of a Tommy gun into the driver door" of the new Cybertruck, adding the bulletproof test was like "Al Capone-style."

Musk was commenting on a video shared by the Tesla Owners Club of Silicon Valley that shows a Cybertruck coasting down the highway with dozens of bullet holes in the vehicle's driver's side.

The Cybertruck's skin is the same stainless steel used in SpaceX's Starship spacecraft, according to a 2019 Motortrend article. As Musk explained during the unveiling of Cybertruck in the same year, the 301 stainless steel is bulletproof to 9mm rounds and doesn't need any armor rating certification. 

In 2021, Musk appeared on Jay Leno's Garage, where he told Leno that the truck had armored glass. 

The Cybertruck's armor could be attractive to individuals navigating crime-ridden progressive cities where Democrats do not enforce law and order.