Ford To "Re-Time" New EV Production, Expand Hybrid Production

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Apr 05, 2024 - 07:05 PM

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Today Ford announces a two-year delay, “retiming” until 2027, on new EV models scheduled for 2025. In addition. Ford will focus on a full line of hybrids.

Retiming Press Announcement

Please consider Ford’s Press Announcement on retiming and hybrid production.

Ford Motor Company said today it is retiming the launch of upcoming electric vehicles at its Oakville, Ontario, assembly plant while continuing to build out an advanced industrial system to produce its next-generation electric vehicles, including greenfield construction and conversion of existing assembly plants.

The company continues to invest in a broad set of EV programs as it works to build a full EV line-up. These initiatives support the development of a differentiated and profitably growing EV business over time while Ford serves customers with the right mix of gas, hybrid and electric vehicles based on demand today

Preparations continue for the market launch of Ford’s all-new three-row electric vehicles at the assembly complex in Oakville, Ontario, which the company said it will re-time to 2027 from 2025. The additional time will allow for the consumer market for three-row EVs to further develop and enable Ford to take advantage of emerging battery technology, with the goal to provide customers increased durability and better value.

Ohio Assembly Plant

Additionally, Ford continues its expansion of Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake to produce an all-new electric commercial vehicle for Ford Pro customers beginning mid-decade. [If that’s not timely, what is?]

BlueOval City

The creation of the BlueOval City campus – Ford’s new advanced auto production complex that includes the Tennessee Electric Vehicle Center assembly plant – is progressing on track. In addition to paint shop and vehicle assembly equipment, installation is also underway for nearly 4,000 tons of stamping equipment that will produce the sheet metal stampings for Ford’s next all-new electric truck. 

Ford plans to begin customer deliveries of the new truck in 2026 and gradually ramp up production to help assure quality. [Hint: Don’t by the first ones].


Ford continues to invest in a broad set of EV programs as it works to build a full EV line-up. In parallel, Ford is expanding its hybrid electric vehicle offerings. By the end of the decade, the company expects to offer hybrid powertrains across its entire Ford Blue lineup in North America.

Tesla’s Deliveries Drop for First Time Since 2020

Meanwhile, please note Tesla’s Deliveries Drop for First Time Since 2020, It’s Demand Not Supply

Tesla’s heydays of surging demand growth for Teslas is over. Competition is increasing and relative demand growth, if not absolute demand growth, is falling.

If Tesla can scale up semi production that would be a big boost. But Elon Musk has been promising 50,000 semis a year, every year for four years and has delivered a grand total of 100.

Tesla has a drought of new products and competition is catching up everywhere. It’s autonomous driving features are an outright joke. More importantly, they are a huge safety risk.

Elon Muck said he would be producing 50,000 EV semis a year. That was in 2017. As of December 21, 2023, the Tesla Semi Fleet Is Almost 100 Trucks

Only 35 Class 8 Truck EV Charging Stations

One of the things holding up use of electric semis is expense. A second is the number of charging stations.

Let’s discuss some of the obvious flaws in Biden’s latest mandates that will require EVs to account for 60% of new urban delivery trucks and 25% of long-haul tractor sales by 2032.

Image from the US Department of Energy, annotations in blue by Mish.

Please note there are 4 Million Semis on the Road, Only 35 Class 8 Truck EV Charging Stations

And Electrek says Tesla’s giga factory is only about 30% complete and Tesla hasn’t expanded the facility for years.

After years, there is finally some movement at the giga factory. Electrek thinks it may be work on a parking lot.

But please take heart. For will produce an all-new electric commercial vehicle for Ford Pro customers beginning mid-decade.