Gen-Z OnlyFans 'Creator' Quits As She Dedicates Life To Jesus Christ

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Mar 18, 2024 - 08:40 PM

OnlyFans has become a site for adult entertainers and amateurs to deliver pornographic content straight to their horny fans. Gen-Zers have flocked to the site, many of whom are young women seeking 'female empowerment.' 

The platform boasts about young female superstar "models" making six- and seven-figure earnings, aspiring (or corrupting) an entire generation of young people to give up on education and degrade themselves as a sex worker. This trend exploded during Covid as many youngsters have lost all memory of why sex work is shamed in society. 

Taking selfies or videos of feet, asses, boobs, and or pornographic scenes with others isn't real productive work and is self-destructive behavior (daddy problems much?). Normalizing online prostitution is terrible for civilized societies. Also, sex workers are not respected in society, leaving very limited future opportunities in life after OnlyFans. 

Recent data from OnlyFans shows that about 70% of creators are women, and 30% are men, translating to about 1.4 million American women and 600,000 American men. 

The OnlyFans phenomenon could be a bubble as one top Gen-Zer creator has allegedly given up on her hugely successful account for a life of Christ, or at least she says... 

The Whatever podcast, which has interviewed creator "Nala" before, posted on X Saturday evening, "WE DID IT BOYS!!!" while referring to several videos of the creator finding Jesus and allegedly abandoning her account (however, the account is still online).

"I hope she stays on the narrow road that leads to life. And I also hope it's genuine. You can have both of these thoughts at once," one X user said. 

And this. 

However, only some believe in Nala's awakening and commitment to Jesus....


Another X user said: "God forgives, but doesn't forget." 

Perhaps the OnlyFans creator bubble begins to crack as they must re-enter society and find real jobs.