Oracle's Larry Ellison Touts Tesla Cybertruck As 'Next-Gen' Police Cruiser 

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023 - 12:40 AM

Former Tesla board member and Oracle founder Larry Ellison revealed: "Our next generation of a police car is coming out very soon - it's my favorite police car - it's my favorite car actually - it's Elon's favorite car - it's incredible, and I know too much about it." 

Who knew Oracle had a police station? 

Ellison was giving a keynote speech last week when he spoke highly of the new Tesla Cybertuck. 

"The Oracle executive seemed serious about the company deploying its technology to make the Tesla Cybertruck a law enforcement vehicle because he said that they planned on using the existing screen and cameras inside the vehicle to deploy their software solutions," EV blog Electrek wrote. 

Ellison noted, "We don't have to add cameras to it because we actually use their existing cameras and screen to put our application on it."

There is no word if the EV police truck will be equipped with bulletproof windows and or batteries. 

Electrek said, "It will be interesting to see if the Cybertruck becomes the new electric vehicle of choice for the police department."