SpaceX Starship Reaches Space But Experiences Communication Disruption

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Nov 18, 2023 - 01:52 PM

Update (0852ET):

SpaceX attempted a second launch of its mega-rocket known as "Starship" on Saturday morning from its Starbase facility in South Texas.

The nearly 400-foot-tall rocket blasted off from Boca Chica, Texas. 

SpaceX reported, "Stage separation!" 

According to The New York Times, "The powerful Starship vehicle reached an altitude of about 90 miles above earth on Saturday before losing contact, potentially because of an automated detonation."

"We have lost the data from the second stage ... what we do believe right now is that the Automated Flight Termination System on the second stage appears to have triggered very late in the burn," John Insprucker, SpaceX principal integration engineer, said in a webcast.

Starship has traveled much further compared with the first launch in April. 

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The second flight test of the SpaceX mega-rocket known as "Starship" is set for Saturday morning. According to the SpaceX website, a 20-minute launch window opens up at 0800 ET. 

SpaceX initially planned the launch for Friday morning, but CEO Elon Musk wrote in a post on social media platform X, "We need to replace a grid fin actuator, so the launch is postponed to Saturday." 

On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration approved SpaceX for the second launch of the world's most powerful rocket following a mishap in April

"The FAA determined SpaceX met all safety, environmental, policy, and financial responsibility requirements," the agency wrote on X. 

At the moment, SpaceX has a satellite launching monopoly. Musk recently said, "SpaceX will deliver ~90% of all Earth payload to orbit," adding, "Starship will take that to >99% in future years." 

Musk is leaving Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin in the dust even as the Biden administration weaponized federal agencies against SpaceX. 

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Watch the rocket show here: