3 charts we are watching: Remember, VIX seasonality starts now

Never forget VIX seasonality

Will it strike again?

Source: Equity Clock


GS: VIX upside

GS: "We see upside to the VIX based on our Economists' forecasts". Chart shows actual vs predicted VIX levels based on the GS economic model of volatility.

Source: Goldman


Depressed volatilities

The 1-week realized SPX volatility has decreased significantly. As of yesterday, the weekly straddle stood at 1.05%, largely anticipating the forthcoming Wednesday CPI event. Despite the 1-week realized volatility being at its lowest point in two years, the present implied move is viewed as inexpensive, notably since only one week in 2022 saw the weekly straddle dip below 1%.

Source: Refinitiv/GS


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