NVDA's First Negative Week: A Nothingburger...?

NVDA: Probably nothing...

First negative week for Nvidia since April. Only short consolidation or trend reversal?

Source: Bloomberg


Probably nothing (II)

Insider selling in NVDA is at the fastest pace in years.

Source: Sentiment Trader



Some serious daily retail inflow into NVDA.

Source: Vanda



People seem to be buying the NVDA dip. The stock is putting in some sort of a hammer like candle in the lower part of the "imperfect" trend channel. Note the 21 day is down around 120.

Source: Refinitiv


Semis 100%-tile

From a global perspective, Semis L/S ratio (among just HFs) is back near 10 year highs and net exposure is back up to the top of the trend again. 

Source: JPM PI


Semis could be flat / weaker from here

"...our combined metric (hfs, etfs, retail) of flows & positioning in us semis has jumped back to peaks from which semis have often been flat / weaker"

Source: JPM PI


Biggest increase in P/S

Here are the stocks in the large-cap Russell 1,000 that have seen the biggest increase in their price to sales (P/S) ratios since the current bull market began on 10/12/22. As shown, NVIDIA (NVDA) has seen its share price rise more than 1,000% during this bull market, but its P/S ratio has made 32 turns higher from 9.7x up to 41.9x! That's by far the biggest jump of any stock in the index. Of the 30 stocks shown, the average P/S ratio has risen 9.6 points from 8.6x up to 18.2x, and most stocks on the list are Tech stocks.

Source: Bespoke


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