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Jun 19, 2024 1:49
Sullivan Greenlights Ukraine Cross-Border Attacks Beyond Kharkiv Region With US Arms

These guys are all remote mind controlled or raging lunatics themselves, like remember John Bolton?  These guys need a life,

Jun 18, 2024 5:56
Your Lyin’ Eyes: Corporate Media Panics With ‘Fact Checks’ Over Biden’s Obvious Decline

When it gets "Fact Checked" and Snopes creates an entire page just dedicated to this issue.

Jun 11, 2024 7:11
“I Take Responsibility”: Pelosi Admits Fault For The Lack Of Security Precautions On Jan 6th

She means "I take responsibility for paying my goons to plant the pipe bomb"

Jun 09, 2024 3:53
Betting Big That Bitcoin Mining Won’t Exist In Five Years...?

This is a great article, we need more views like this vs. the to the moon insanity that shows no method how BTC can get to 500k or 1m - at some point there's not enough US Dollar in the world to buy it to drive it higher.  Remember that it's BTC/USD 99% of Bitcoin new purchases are from USD fiat, not ETH or something else.

Jun 01, 2024 9:17
Watch Dave Smith Burn Chris Cuomo To The Ground In Epic Covid Debate

Good to see more like this being more public, I've seen tons of such situations privately.. 

Jun 01, 2024 2:00
Reuters Claims Trump Supporters Want ‘Riots And Violent Retribution’ Following Trump Verdict

Ridiculous show of stupidity by the dark side. 

May 25, 2024 3:26
Twitter Files: CIA - Exposing The Secret Effort By US Intelligence To Seize Control Of Social Media

Wait till they realize this "Alathea" or whatever are the ones running Flat Earth and Buggy People / Tartaria for CIA- I know this because I bid on the contract in 2018 and lost - 80m / year to run bot farms. 

May 12, 2024 4:39
Here’s Why Russia Is Making A Fresh Push Into Ukraine’s Kharkov Region

.. And to control the Space Ark in Oleshky Sands.

May 08, 2024 5:58
RFK Warns That The WHO Is On The Verge Of Passing Its Pandemic Treaty

It's bs fearmongering.  They can pass whatever they want.  Pass gas is more like it.

May 07, 2024 4:10
Peloton Shares Surge On Private Equity Firm Buyout Report

Should have stayed private guys - 

May 07, 2024 4:09
Disney Shares Plunge Most In Year On Subscriber Miss, Disappointing Guidance

Private Equity doesn't have the guidance swings - just sayin' -