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Nov 27, 2021 7:20
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Chicken Little is alive and well, and works for governments everywhere.

If you want to live, maybe you should wonder why chicken little clucks alarm at the sky, maybe even look at the sky yourself, while you huddle in fear that it is falling?

Nov 27, 2021 7:12
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If cases are scary, then there are more cases of the Cold than of anything else.

Why no "Cold" Lockdowns?

If severity, and likelihood of mortality scare you, why are you worried about COVID?

Unless you are over 60, or have severely compromised your health otherwise, the flu is as dangerous as COVID.  If under 30, the Cold is as dangerous as COVID.

Maybe if you are concerned about your health, instead of being hypnotized by bobble heads, you should be reading the data the bobble heads CLAIM is their source?  At least then a person MIGHT be capable of determining when they're being lied to about health dangers.

And if you're not concerned enough with your health to read the actual data, rather than what bobble heads say about it, then why are you concerned with COVID in the first place?

Nov 27, 2021 6:54
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If contagion and cases are more of concern than severity and deaths, then you should worry more about the Common Cold than about the Bubonic Plague.

If they aren't, then you should not worry about COVID.

Nov 27, 2021 3:18
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The Federal Government does not obey any law.

Why should you?

The ability of the federal government, today, to remain a going concern is dependent upon them flouting the law while you observe it strictly.

A crack in either condition will make the illiberal a-holes who puppet the state to go for each other's throats instead.

Nov 26, 2021 5:01
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Viruses spread until they run out of vulnerable hosts.

There has never been anything to stop that or the flu vaccines would have stopped the flu...nevermind a Cold vaccine.

You are going to get COVID.  Stop panicking.  Stop being afraid.  YOU WILL GET IT.  IT IS INEVITABLE.

Your best defense is to be healthy.

I am over 50.

I had COVID last month.

It was no big deal, excepting one fever it was exactly like a cold.  The one fever was flu-like.

Your results will vary by your age and health.

But if you've been pharmaceutically treating conditions caused by your lifestyle, to enable yourself to avoid change...the evidence is that your risks will be much higher than someone who keeps their health the "hard" way through diet discipline, exercise, and periodic privation.  I'm not blaming, but just stating facts.

No one can help you more than you can.


Better start taking care of yourself or be in a favorable position to take your chances (young).

Nov 26, 2021 4:49
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You should be extremely cautious and suspicious before deciding whether or not to accept anything from characters who pump fear like this.

Humans are hackable.

Humans are sociologically herd-mentality animals.

Fear short-circuits the rational brain, and triggers herd animals (including humans) into reactive irrational herd behavior.

When someone pumps fear they are trying to short circuit your rationality.   Predators do this to run prey into situations where they can feed the most with the least effort; driving prey into blind canyons, or off cliffs.

Even though the herd is otherwise capable of understanding the cliff is more likely fatal than the predator, fear short-circuits the ability to think for most members of the herd.

You are seeing in real time who are the mindless social animals (prey), who are the predators, and who are the maverick that keep their heads and don't follow the herd when it is insane.

ALWAYS assume that a fear-pumper is a predator.  Because that's the only thing fear-pumping is good for.

Nov 26, 2021 3:25
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My wife will stand witness that you can lay solid pipe...or at least I can.

Zyklon-B was in the gaseous state.  If you want to pipe something normally solid, just raise the temperature.

This isn't 1200 AD.  We don't need infected bodies when you can incubate pathogens in test-tube media.

Nov 26, 2021 3:17
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They're setting up communal showers in Europe to disinfect people.

The gas you hear there should not concern you.  It's just a delousing.

Nov 26, 2021 3:15
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There's a New Nu transmitted by an African Gnu on the street!

(Its more scary if it's from Africa.  Because everyone knows that's where all the scary stuff lives)

When in danger, when in doubt, 

Run in circles!

Scream and shout!

Stop with all your work and play.

Scream some curses.

Run away!

Nov 26, 2021 3:09
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In Cyrillic it looks like this "Hy?".

Nov 26, 2021 3:05
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There is massive cognitive dissonance in this article.

- Infections are not consequences.  Imagine if the Cold (also a Corona virus) were tracked this way.  Fear would ratchet with every rising number, and no one making the connection that the only consequences, to anyone other than to the gravely infirm, were the sniffles.

- Viruses only multiply and spread from the hosts that survive.  The dead are too immobile to spread much.  So, the least harmful viruses are the ones that survive.  ERGO- IF THE VIRUS IS BECOMING MORE HARMFUL THEN SOMEONE IS MAKING IT MORE HARMFUL IN A LAB.  Inasmuch as the mRNA cocktails passed off as vaccines are experiment, the world is a lab.  And ADE as a method of enhancing the lethality of the virus is in play.  But that would still strongly imply intention.

"Nu" in Russian means "So?"


Nu is being used to expand government power grabs that reduce human rights to the level of chattel.

Over history, Democide is far deadlier than any other pathogen.  The Black Plague passed, but the democide stayed.

You should fear the power-grabs more than any Corona virus.


Nov 26, 2021 2:42
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It is the fundamental nature of large organizations to be corrupt.

The govt as today structured, does not obey elected leadership, at all.  It instead pursues the personal agendas of the Senior Bureaucrats, who, since the first Clinton Administration, have fully adopted "pay-to-play" to monetize their positions.

The largest Corporations know this.  And each purchases separately it's preferred policies.

This is why DC Policies are so often mutually contradictory, confused, and ineffective.  Their stated aims are thin justifications covering a policy to benefit a bribe-donor.

The technical term for this kind of government is "Kakistacracy".

It is beyond reform.  It must be gutted in order for any hope at all to exist.

Nov 25, 2021 5:20
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Rowling is naive in a very feminine way, having forgotten that the trappings and substance of evil are very different things inasmuch as evil happily wears the trappings of the innocent.

She naively joined the pureblood antidiscrimination league to protect the Giants, Acromantulas, Dementors, and associated fauna from discrimination.  She was satisfied as a Deatheater, and participated in many house-burnings and Dark-Mark castings, convinced, having never looked beyond the trappings, that she was a justice-crusader on the side of right...up until she arrived at the Longbottoms door with her fellow Deatheaters to murder them.  THAT was too close to home.  THAT was going to far.  ONLY NOW, does she object, in pleading form, that the Longbottoms are part of her life, and it's wrong to attack them.

But in so pleading she reveals that she has still, even now, not recognized her fellows for what they are:  DEATHEATERS.

Rowling needs to learn the power of the substance encapsulated in three simple words: Malum En Se.

The trappings are irrelevant.  Only the substance matters.

Rowling does not recognize that passively excluding people you suspect of ill intent is not aggression, but attacking them with intent to murder triggered by the offensiveness of this passive exclusion IS AGGRESSION: MALUM EN SE.

Nov 25, 2021 3:46
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When your corporation is dissolved or banned from the United States it will be a day for celebration.

Nov 24, 2021 6:20
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Fauci fails to highlight the source of what he calls "lies" are his own words from his own emails.

So who's the liar Tony?

Were you lying before? Or are you lying now?

Either way the source of all sides of the argument is YOU.  Hence the liar can only be YOU.

Nov 24, 2021 6:10
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Transportation, room, and boarding are expensive.

.45 is cheap, effective, and permanent.

I don't hate the guy.  But it is obvious he intended to do this and will repeat offend.  Why should the innocent victims of his aggression pay the cost of his food, transport and accommodation?

Nov 24, 2021 5:27
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We could stop trying to drive domestic production out of business...

But that would be suicide with Biden's base if self-hating lunatics, each scrambling to be Darwin Award winners.

Random names from the phonebook would be more competent than this administration, because though possibly feckless they would not be maliciously in service to a coterie of Euro-Globalist Totalitarians and East Asian Communist Totalitarians.

It takes real talent at stupidity and lies to create energy shortages for people standing on top of the world's biggest pile of energy...and don't quote me oil reserves.  Oil reserves are just one shade if one color on the energy pallet.

Nov 24, 2021 4:06
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After screwing over the oil industry several times, with the government publicizing its whitepapers advocating bankrupting hydrocarbon producers, strangely US producers are even more reluctant to expand production than Russians and Saudi's.

This is the Biden Administration's Legacy:

-They are the ones who declare themselves superior at running your affairs.  They extra-legislatively demand your submission to their will for your affairs 10,000 times daily.

-They declare themselves your moral superiors, with cries of 'Racist' at every turn.

-They declare themselves your absolute rulers, to rule you as chattel, and prove it with every mandate violating your bodily integrity.

What they have done is blundered into a strategic blind canyon, where no improvement to life can occur while they remain, where foreign producers cut production to spite them, where domestic producers decline to support them...because they admitted only LAST WEEK they intend to bankrupt those same producers!

What this administration, and all its political adherents, are is Aggressive, Arrogant, Incompetents.

They are the 500-lb girl in garish paint who disdainfully proclaims everyone envies her for beauty, even as she cannot stand on her feet.

The proof is in front of you.

Pity those who believe official lies from the official liars more than the truth sitting at the ends of their noses that they refuse to see.

Nov 24, 2021 3:52
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Fine downvoter.

Here is a chart of world wide refining capacity.

US tops the list.

BTW US refining capacity is actually much higher than this due to idled refineries.

I feel like I coexist with people from an alternate reality where the US is energy-poor, and Europe energy-rich.

In my reality the US was the world's largest hydrocarbon producer for a century, 1870s to 1970s.  And it only stopped being the top producer to support the Petrodollar.

In recent years it has been the top producer again.   And it has ALWAYS been the top refiner in the world.

In truth, where most countries overstate their reserves, the US has since the 1970s UNDERSTATED their reserves DRAMATICALLY to support the Petrodollar.

It can be the top producer any time it wants to kick out the Biden-Clinton Eurocrats.

What did you think the "Global Warming" nonsense is FOR?  It is to convince Americans they do not have what they do, in fact have, for the purpose of stealing it.

Nov 24, 2021 3:40
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Why would the US buy gasoline from Energy-Poor Europe?

The US refines its own fuels, and much of the rest of the planet's fuels.

What is the author trying to say with this line?