50 Million Americans At-Risk Of Severe Weather As April Begins 

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Apr 01, 2024 - 12:45 PM

An Easter weekend storm that dumped heavy rain across Los Angeles and snow in the mountains is set to cause adverse weather conditions across the nation's heartland as April begins. 

"What starts in the West must eventually come East," FOX Weather Meteorologist Jane Minar said, adding, "All of that energy, as it shifts through the weekend over the Four Corners, gets a second life as it develops over the central US." 

On Monday and Tuesday, the storm will traverse the Central and Eastern regions of the US, unleashing severe thunderstorms that could spawn tornadoes. Areas across the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic could see flooding rain. 

FOX Weather shows that about 50 million Americans are at risk of severe weather on Monday, from Waco, Texas, to St. Louis to Cincinnati to even Ronakoe, Virginia. 

On Tuesday, the storm will traverse the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys and is expected to enter the Mid-Alantic area. 

National Weather Service forecasters warned on Facebook that "all forms of severe weather will be possible" in these areas. 

NWS models forecast an intense, heavy, elevation-dependent winter blast across New England on Wednesday or Thursday. 

"Spring is known as one of the most chaotic times for seriously disruptive weather in North America," said weather forecaster Matthew Cappucci of the Capital Weather Gang. 

Cappucci explained why, "Clashing air masses — stemming from crescendoing seasonal warmth and lingering winter cold — can brew powerful weather systems such as this incipient storm."