Climate Alarmists Claim Ground Water Depletion And Melting Ice Caps Are Shifting The Earth's Axis

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 29, 2023 - 09:20 PM

If there's one thing to learn about climate hysteria and how it functions, it's this:  Climate scientists love to blame every naturally occurring Earth event on man-made global warming, then categorize those events as a crisis.  Centuries ago ancient Aztec priests used mathematical calendars to predict solar eclipses, then frightened the peasants with claims that the sun would be swallowed by the gods forever if people did not offer submission and sacrifice. 

Global warming cultism is very similar, with climate scientists heavily funded by governments and globalist institutions offering their own tall tale of doom should the public refuse to comply with draconian carbon emissions controls, all based on events that have nothing to do with human interference.  

Well, they're at it again with another bizarre claim that the human population is consuming too much ground water, and along with global warming melting the polar ice caps, this is causing the Earth's axis to shift.  The theory is based on a study by South Korean scientists with the support of the Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion (KIMST).  The group is at least partially funded by NASA and KIMST is directly tied to the the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and Marine S&T International R&D Programme.

In other words, the study's funding is dependent on findings that support the UN's carbon policy goals (it is likely biased).  The conclusions of the paper are based on correlation, not proof of causation, concerning the depletion of ground water in certain regions along with a shift in the Earth's axis from 1993-2010. 

In reality, numerous scientific studies show that the Earth naturally "shifts" its axis every 40,000 years.  Then there are the Milankovitch cycles, which describe how relatively slight changes in Earth's movement every 26,000 years affect the planet's climate.    

At the peak of the axis tilt more extreme climate changes can result.  The last seven ice ages, for instance, took place at the end of a natural shift in the Earth's axis, causing longer periods of cold.  The Earth does not have a perfect orbit, nor a constant tilt, nor does it behave in a readily predictable manner at all times.

Even NASA has admitted in the past (before all Earth science was hijacked by climate cultism) that this ancient process leads to extreme weather.  Generally, the wobble of the axis takes thousands of years to play out, though there is evidence to suggest it has changed quickly during massive earthquakes, tectonic clashes and even the eruption of volcanoes.  There's zero evidence that the Earth's axis is currently shifting any faster today than it normally would every 40,000 years.  There is zero concrete evidence that human beings can cause the axis to move.   

In the past decade climate science groups have attempted to put the cart before the horse, arguing that it is humanity that is creating the climate events which are then causing the Earth to wobble.  Data of Earth's climate previous to human industry suggest the opposite.  There is no extraordinary axis shift happening today, nor is there any evidence that the warming of the Earth over the past century is significant or dangerous compared to the eons of warming events that happened long before people walked the planet. 

Real scientists do not enter into an experiment or study with a preconceived outcome (unless they are paid to).  They begin with a theory and then test the parameters of that theory to see if it holds water (no pun intended).  In this case (like most other cases of climate environmental doom mongering) the natural processes of the Earth and the solar system are being rebranded as man-made calamities for the purpose of frightening the public into embracing greater centralization of power.