Forecasting Models Show Third Round Of Canadian Wildfire Smoke Headed To US

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jul 08, 2023 - 02:00 AM

Air quality levels in the Northeast and Midwest could deteriorate next week as The Weather Channel forecasts another round of Canadian wildfire smoke. This would mark the third round of toxic smoke from our neighbor to the north in a month. 

Computer models forecast a U-shaped "trough" of low pressure will develop next week in eastern Canada. That will be a welcoming sign and offer relief from scorching temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as cooler and less humid air pours in from the north. However, with the cooler air comes the possibility of wildfire smoke. 

"This U-shaped trough could also pull in at least lofted smoke from the larger fires in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia into parts of the northern US," The Weather Channel said. 

How much smoke blankets major metros in the Northeast is still uncertain. The best way to track the progression of the smoke is through air quality sensors in major cities. 

Also, this topic might be trending on Twitter. 

Be prepared because corporate media climate alarmists will predict imminent doom for the planet if another round of wildfire smoke is unleashed. 

Recall this week. Corporate media sounded the alarm about the hottest temperatures across the world ever. After all, Pride Month was over, and 'woke' journos quickly defaulted back to their climate doom agenda. However, the journos cited data from the 1970s (someone needs to tell these journs the world wasn't created five decades ago but 4.5 billion years ago). Also, there's limited to no mention that an El Nino weather pattern has emerged. But who cares about the 'science' because it's all about pushing a global warming agenda for their corporate sponsors... 

As for Canada, the Trudeau administration better get their act together and start investing in better forest management strategies rather than spending all their time on woke policies. The consequence of failed forest management strategies is toxic air for Americans.