"Hurricane-Force Blizzard" Could Hit Northeast Next Week, Weather Forecaster Warns

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jan 11, 2024 - 10:20 PM

The weather forecast for next week paints an ominous picture for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, as Ryan Maue, a meteorologist and former NOAA chief scientist, is closely monitoring the development of a winter storm next Tuesday. 

"Monitoring 7-day models for the development of a massive hurricane-force blizzard for the Northeast next Tuesday -- and then extremely cold Arctic air behind it," Maue wrote on social media platform X. 

Maue said, "Big cities will probably avoid heavy snowfall (again) e.g. DC/NYC/Boston, but interior New England would get walloped." 

He said the parade of storms won't stop as the "Arctic blast configuration means more Nor'easters. Assuming that stays in place for 10 days, then another winter storm." 

In a separate report, private weather forecaster BAMWX provided clients this morning on X with a new long-range pattern analysis, echoing Maue's forecast for a big snow event for the Northeast next week (skip to the 3:30 minute mark). 

All eyes are on next week as a parade of storms continues to batter the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions while a cold blast from Canada is expected.