X Users Blast Establishment Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson For Owning Condo In Climate Change Flood Zone

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024 - 03:20 AM

X users blasted establishment 'scientist' Neil deGrasse Tyson for owning a multi-million condominium in an area that is projected to be underwater in a climate change model. 

"In Florida, at 345-feet, Britton Hill is the highest elevation — the lowest highest elevation in United States. This makes Florida supremely susceptible to sea-level rise during Climate Change. An objective truth even if you don't believe in Climate Change. Just Sayin'," Tyson wrote on X on Sunday morning. 

X users quickly pointed out that Tyson owns a $2.1 million second-floor condo in Manhattan—an area that will be underwater in the scientist's own climate change model. 

Another X user showed the climate change scam: Nantucket, "Where elite Democrats buy oceanfront mansions," such as the Obamas, who recently dropped nearly $12 million on an oceanfront beach house. 

The same people who push global warming also believe... 

And by the way, these global warming libtards have been pushing misinformation and disinformation to scare the general public for decades. 

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Cough, cough, Tyson. 

Where's the melting ice caps?

Has it occurred to these elites who peddle climate misinformation that they're being laughed at?