AOC Wants To Sell Her Tesla For Union-Made EV

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Sep 25, 2023 - 01:00 PM

To remain relevant this week as President Biden heads to the picket line to support United Auto Workers, ultra-liberal New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday that she intends to trade her non-union-made Tesla for a union-backed Ford, General Motors, or Stellantis electric vehicle. 

When asked about her non-union-made Model 3 purchase during the pandemic, AOC said she's "looking into trading in our car now." She added, "So we're looking into it, and hopefully we will soon." 

AOC's move is about all optics as UAW strikes intensify and Democrats continue their crusade against billionaire Elon Musk.

According to, the most American-made vehicles are the Model Y, Model 3, Model X, and Model S - all produced by Tesla. 

Democrats have to stop pitching their top priority is so-called 'climate change' and 'America first' while they ditch America's largest EV company for Big Three that continues to invest in gas-powered vehicles and source foreign parts. 

One X user asked

"What union made EV is she going to buy? Mach-E is made in Mexico. Chevy Equinox EV is made in Mexico. Chevy Blazer EV is made in Mexico. Chevy Bolt is being discontinued. Jeep EV is made in Poland. Does Chrysler have an EV? I only see a hybrid. Hybrids don't get us to net 0 and don't stop climate change." 

Why is AOC abandoning the american company and their many employees who are leading the world in transitioning to a sustainable future to instead reward company who keep building new products that pollute our planet and to reward the UAW, who once went on strike to slow the transition to EVs? Don't all american workers matter, or only some of them? 

Don't all American companies matter, or only if they are in a swing state? 

Remember last year when some Democrats sold their Teslas to buy some of the worst EVs on the market: Chevy Bolt... 

Democrats have become the party of confusion.