Baltimore Bridge Collapse: FBI Agents Board Container Ship In "Court-Authorized" Investigation 

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Apr 15, 2024 - 07:20 PM

Almost three weeks following the incident where a massive container ship collided with and caused the collapse of the 1.6-mile long Francis Scott Key Bridge, thus paralyzing the Port of Baltimore and severely disrupting supply chains throughout Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic, FBI agents boarded the vessel on Monday morning. 

The Baltimore Sun reports FBI agents boarded the "Dali" container ship earlier today and were "conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity." 

A spokesperson for the FBI denied to comment on the ongoing investigation. However, Maryland US Attorney Erek Barron provided the local media outlet with this statement: 

"My office generally will not confirm the existence of or otherwise comment about investigations.

"However, the public should know, whether it's gun violence, civil rights abuse, financial fraud, or any other threat to public safety or property, we will seek accountability for anyone who may be responsible." 

In the days after the bridge collapse, FBI agents were at the scene. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating why the container ship slammed into the bridge without safety barriers. 

Source: WSJ 

According to the local media outlet, the NTSB's investigation has been "homing in on the electronics system of the 984-foot ship, getting assistance from Hyundai to assist authorities with the ship's engine, which the South Korean firm manufactured." 

Many X users have questioned why, shortly after the incident, the federal government declared there was no evidence of terrorism with hardly an investigation underway. 

Since many crew members of vessels are foreigners, some of whom may come from countries not entirely fond of America, it might be time for the federal government to devise a way to vet every crew member before entering US waters. After all, the world is half on fire with impending major conflict breaking out in the Middle East and ongoing war in Ukraine.