Boycott Slams Planet Fitness Shares As Americans Fight Back Against Wokeism

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 19, 2024 - 09:20 PM

Approaching the one-year mark since Bud Light's controversial partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney on TikTok, a nationwide boycott of the light beer - criticized for tasting like 'piss water' - has been relentless as blue-collar and white-collar conservative Americans stand up in unison, bounded by memes and the power of X, to protest their distaste for woke propaganda pushed by mega-corporations. 

To this day, conservatives are on a warpath against the woke mind virus as it infects high-level executives of mega-corporations who have learned absolutely nothing from Bud Light nuking itself with Mulvaney. 

The power of the people. Folks are beginning to understand this. 

Last week, Americans began to boycott Tyson Foods for planning to fire at least a thousand hard-working Americans in which the company even said it was planning to hire tens of thousands of illegals through a shadowy non-government organization

Fast forward to this week, Americans are boycotting Planet Fitness for its move to defend its decision to ban the membership of a customer in Alaska who spoke out about a "man in women's locker room shaving."

Since the Libs of TikTok's X post went viral, shares of Planet Fitness have plunged 14%. 

This comes as Planet Fitness boycott calls increase by the day. 

When will these woke executives learn that catering to a fringe minority rather than the majority will only result in a blowback with customers? 

Which index firm is going to create the 'woke index'?