Gen-Zer Buys $200 Plot Of Land In Desert After Complaining About "Owning Nothing" 

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Oct 13, 2023 - 10:55 AM

Gen Z will be left with psychological scars from the cost-of-living crisis that has derailed their ability to build up savings, purchase a home, get married/start a family, and enjoy life. 

Young people, many of whom work part-time or low-paid jobs (bartenders and servers), can barely afford rent, groceries, automobiles, insurance, and other expenses. Many still live with their parents and, if lucky, rent an apartment, occasionally tapping 'the bank of mom & dad.' 

With the worst housing affordability in a generation.

What can Gen-Zers afford? 

Well, a 21-year-old from Los Angeles went viral on TikTok days ago and showed off his new land purchase in Joshua Tree for $200. 

"The thing about being in Gen Z is that, generally, we quite literally own nothing," PJ Yancey told Bussiness Insider. He said, "We're not homeowners; we don't own a ranch, a vacation home, any kind of property at all. If we're living on our own, it's in someone else's house or apartment."

In the TikTok video, he showed others what Gen-Zers can afford - about 1,000 square feet of desert. 

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One commenter said, "Homeownership in 2023." That comment was liked 38k times. 

"Hey! Can I get the other $200 spot and hang out with you?! 😂 And I'm being dead serious! I have nothing else to do!" someone else said. 

Another person said, "Do you own that land outright now? For $200… I'm about to live in the middle of nowhere and build myself a desert hag shed to grow old in."

This brings us to a note from months ago, where we outlined a sudden panic by some Americans searching 'live off grid' on the internet, hitting the highest level in five years. 

The driving force behind finding a rural piece of land for dirt cheap, buying or building a tiny home, installing solar panels, and sourcing your own food and water might have to do with the worst inflation storm in a generation while Democrat cities implode under the weight of soaring violent crime.

Gen-Zers are finding out firsthand about being scammed into $100,000 of college debt by liberal institutions, only to be released in the real world where central banks and Washington have sparked two years of elevated inflation.