Americans Panic Search "Live Off Grid" As Housing Crisis Worsens And Democrat Cities Implode

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Aug 24, 2023 - 11:25 PM

What's piqued our interest is the sudden panic by some Americans searching 'live off grid' on the internet, hitting the highest level in five years. The driving force behind finding a rural piece of land for dirt cheap, buying or building a tiny home, installing solar panels, and sourcing your own food and water might have to do with the worst inflation storm in a generation while Democrat cities implode under the weight of soaring violent crime. 

We're not going to speculate on the exact cause, but we'll give readers an understanding that a combination of the worst housing affordability crisis in decades plus out-of-control crime in progressive-run cities could be some of the largest drivers pushing people to explore living in the 'sticks.' 

With the introduction of SpaceX's Starlink in 2019, remote workers no longer have to live in crowded, dirty, and dangerous metro areas -- many found this out during the exodus of major cities during Covid. 

Capitalizing on off-the-grid living is Home Depot, which now sells tiny homes called "Getaway Pad."

We've also seen the RV Industry Association report multiple times this year that parked mobile home shipments are surging on a monthly basis versus the same months last year -- yet another indication of housing affordability issues. 

Living off the grid can have many benefits, including financial independence, self-sufficiency, preparedness, and security, as well as promoting an active lifestyle, better sleep, and a healthier diet (no need for a Peloton bike or Eli Lilly's fat drug "Ozempic").