Miller Lite Defends Execs After Woke Ad Sparks Backlash

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 19, 2023 - 05:05 PM

As consumers become increasingly aware that they're drinking watered-down and overpriced beer while mega-brewers inject woke messaging into advertisements, some beer drinkers have had enough and boycotted these brands. 

The Wall Street Journal reports Molson Coors Beverage, which owns Miller Lite, is defending a marketing executive after netizens were unhappy with a recently released woke ad. 

"People can take issue with our ads or our brands, but we won't stand by as people personally attack our employees—especially given that these are company decisions, and are never made by one single person," the brewer's spokesman Adam Collins wrote in an email. 

Miller Lite's ad, released in early March, featured left-leaning comedian Ilana Glazer discussing the beer industry's depiction of women in past advertising

"Here's a little known fact. Women were among the very first to brew beer ever — from Mesopotamia to the Middle Ages to Colonial America. Women were the ones doing the brewing," actress Ilana Glazer said in the video. She complained: "Centuries later, how did the industry pay homage to the founding mothers of beer? They put us in bikinis. Wow." 

Glazer continued: "It's time beer made it up to women. So today, Miller Lite is on a mission to clean up not just their sh*t but the whole beer industry's sh*t. Miller Lite has been scouring the internet for all this sh*t and buying it that they can turn it into good sh*t for women brewers. Literally, good sh*t."

"So here's to women. Because without us there would be no beer," she claimed.

Although the video was posted months ago, social media users have brought attention to the ad this week as some accuse Miller Lite's corporate executives of "joining the woke cult" and failing to understand its customer base. 

Collins said:

"This video was about two things: worm poop and saying women shouldn't be forced to mud wrestle in order to sell beer. Neither of these things should be remotely controversial and we hope beer drinkers can appreciate the humor (and ridiculousness) of this video from back in March."

Collins did not provide examples of what he claims are "people personally attack our employees." Nor did the WSJ author care to give examples. 

The only example that the WSJ author cited was podcast host Joe Rogan who said:

"I hate identity politics with a passion, I really do.

"It's so stupid. Human beings made beer, OK? And some human beings look good in bikinis."

And if Rogan's comments are considered "hate," then wow. 

For Miller Lite to go on the offensive against consumers who have spoken out about the woke corporation... 

It's very evident which side of the political aisle Glazer leans towards. 

... is a symptom that brewer execs might be terrified of consumers' opinions where they can no longer control the narrative. 

Woke mega corporations should respect consumers instead of going on the offensive. 

Recall, German gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch's social media person went on a woke rant earlier this week. The company immediately deleted the tweets and said, "H&K does not engage in identity politics. A policy was violated. Changes were made."