Wall Street's Biggest Bear Turns Bullish: "A Buy Signal Was Just Triggered"

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Oct 22, 2023 - 08:05 PM

Joe Biden, when not busy collecting "donations" from foreign nations for his errant son or brother, is busy touting the inflation-fighting effects of Bidenomics.

There is just one problem: as the following "tale of the tape" from the latest Flow Show note (available to pro subscribers) by Wall Street's biggest bear, Michael Hartnett, inflation is nowhere near to easing and here's why: "a box of Girl Scout cookies price up from $5 to $6 this season; can’t blame them given restart of US student loan payments, end of subsidized childcare, home & auto loan costs at 20-year highs (30-year mortgage rate at 8%) and TV streaming services raising prices."