"Something Super Weird Is Going On": Musk Reacts To 'Anticapitalist' Attack On Berlin Gigafactory

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 10, 2024 - 08:39 PM

Update (1340ET): Some are wondering why the so-called 'anticapitalist' protesters who attacked the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin are ignoring other automakers whose brands cater the the upper class they claim to oppose.

"Why not protest factories making BMW 7 series and Mercedes S Class or Maybach?" asks X user 'Warren Redlich,' adding "Because they're full of crap."

To which Tesla owner Elon Musk replied: "Something super weird is going on, as Tesla was the *only* car company attacked!"

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All hell is breaking out at Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg on Friday as hundreds of woke Marxist extremists storm the property. 

Videos on X show hundreds of people running towards the massive factory. 

"Most of those demonstrators do not come from Grünheide if any at all, they are not just against Tesla but against any form of capitalism and that's a pretty ridiculous claim as its the best system to balance capital between poor and rich that exist. Its a wild mixture of people mainly believing in the lies of the media and activated from environmental organisations who amplify an ill designed protest," one X user said. 

In March, the far-left militant/environmental group known as "Vulkangruppe" (Volcano Group) claimed responsibility for sabotaging the power grid near the Tesla factory

Power was restored to the factory days later. 

The West has to have a very serious conversation about shady non-governmental organizations funding chaos across Europe and the US. 

From eco-terrorist attacks in Germany to migrant invasions across Europe - and across the Atlantic, migrant invasion on the southern border to BLM protests during Covid to pro-Palestinian demonstrations shutting down critical infrastructure (bridges, highways, and airport terminals) and colleges and universities - this chaos is all funded by Marxist NGOs that all have one goal: kill capitalism and America.