"Bad News": Disability Claims 'Accelerating Again' After Steady Climb

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jul 11, 2023 - 09:05 PM

Former Blackrock money manager-turned-truthsayer Ed Dowd is back with more sobering data.

Earlier this year Dowd and his deep-dive partners at Phinance Technologies, who revealed a shocking drop in workplace attendance following the Covid-19 vaccine's official rollout based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistcs (BLS).

Via Phinance Technologies

In February, Phinance revealed that the rate of "serious adverse events" from the vaccine closely tracks the spike in post-vaccine disabilities.

Then in March, Dowd and crew estimated that the Covid-19 vaccine resulted in $147 billion in economic damage between disabilities and excess deaths.

Which brings us to Saturday, when Dowd revealed that realitime disability data from the BLS shows a new all-time high of 34.15 million, after rising by 857,000 claims in June.

"If this was a stock it’s a break out chart and reacceleration of trend. Both employed women & men hit new highs as well," tweeted Dowd.

Broken down by sex;

In response to Dowd's latest, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted: "Prediction;Fear that the COVID vaccine is the culprit will keep NIH from honestly investigating the cause(s) of this shocking trend."

Here's Dowd's outlook for the next phase of reality as he sees it:

Watch the entire speech below: