Burying Black Crime

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by Portfolio Armor
Friday, Nov 17, 2023 - 16:44
DALL-E's take on the establishment burying news about black crime.
The Establishment won't let DALL-E correctly name it. 

Burying The Truth, In the Present And The Past

Unless you follow alternative media, or the right accounts on X, you may be unaware that a mob of black teens in Las Vegas recently stomped a white teen to death.

The local news made no mention of race of the murderers or the victim in their X post,

And even the victim's father tried to bury the racial angle. 

This is all part of an establishment effort, including both elements of government and the media, to obscure the reality of black crime, whether it occurs in the present, or the past. 

Noticing The Pattern 

Once you notice the pattern, you can't help noticing the examples that pop up all the time. If the story appears somewhere in the media, there's no photo of the killers. In some cases, they may even use a stock photo of a white person when the assailant was black. 

But the establishment does its best to prevent you noticing. 

The War On Noticing Is A War On History

The journalist Steve Sailer called political correctness "a war on noticing", and like Terminators, the establishment isn't content with fighting this war in the present; the want to rewrite history as well. One example of that was the retconning of the convictions of the Central Park Jogger attackers, which we addressed in a post earlier this week (New York's Central Park Five Councilman--The Full Story). 

Another happened earlier this week, when the Secretary of The Army retconned a massacre committed by black soldiers in Houston in 1917.

Helen Andrews highlighted the insanity of this. 

As was the case with the Central Park Five, this official retconning was prompted by a movie that fictionalized the past, as Helen Andrews detailed in the thread below. 

Instead of acknowledging that African Americans have been committing crime at disproportionately high rates for as long as those rates have been tracked--and working to lower those crime rates (which would benefit black crime victims as well)--our leaders continue to obscure the truth. Nothing good can come from this. 

Let's end this on a positive note by switching topics. 

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