Jon Stewart Explains Why America Can't Have Nice Things

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Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 - 10:12
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart explains why America's large cities are squalid, unlike Moscow.

Why America Can't Have Nice Things

In a post last week, I wrote that amid all the rage at Tucker Carlson's reporting from Moscow, none of his critics had bothered to explain why America can't have nice things, like Moscow's clean and safe subways.  

It looks like I spoke too soon. One Tucker critic (a longtime one at that), Jon Stewart, has bothered to explain why America can't have nice things. You can hear him say it himself in the clip from his Daily Show in the X post below, but in a nutshell, Jon Stewart argues that our squalor is the price of freedom. 

As you can imagine, this generated some heated responses. Some pointed out that Moscow isn't the only city with clean and safe subways--democratic Tokyo has them too. 

Others suggested that Stewart's concept of "freedom" really only applies to America's criminal class. 

Still others pointed out that Jon Stewart's sanctimonious act has gotten stale. 

And perhaps most devastatingly, Helen Andrews noted that Jon Stewart (and other American pundits attacking Tucker Carlson for showing Moscow's nice amenities) were deceiving themselves like Russian communists did during the Cold War, to avoid admitting their lower living standards. 

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