Police Regain Full Control Of UCLA As Marxist Protesters Pushed Off Campus

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, May 02, 2024 - 03:33 PM

Update (1003ET):

Within hours of the Los Angeles Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office starting to clear an encampment erected by anti-Israel protesters (Marxist) at UCLA, the news is spreading on X that police have gained complete control of the courtyard. 

"A few hundred protestors have been pushed out of the last section of the encampment as CHP gains FULL CONTROL of the area," independent journalist Anthony Cabass wrote on X. 

He said, "The encampment is being completely disassembled and mass arrests made of those that chose to stay behind. The UCLA Encampment is no more." 

Law and order has been restored. 

The aftermath. 

A Fox News reporter said, "The place is a total mess." He noted classes won't restart until next week.

More of the aftermath... "Planet- and DEI-loving leftists trash and vandalize UCLA in support of antisemitism. Communism is not a point of view. It is an all-out attack on our society," X user Steve Milloy wrote. 

Students and probably some professional protesters were arrested and bussed off to jail. 

On Wednesday, Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, who has been awfully quiet about the UCLA chaos, finally released a statement: 

Brainwashed Marxist kids causing chaos at woke universities and spreading like cancer across the nation is terrible optics for the Biden administration and the Democrat Party. 

... and these kids are asking for us, the taxpayers, to bail out their student debts of worthless gender degrees.

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With the anti-Israel protesters (or just brainwashed Marxist kids and some paid agitators) disbanded by the New York Police Department in the overnight hours, attention has shifted onto the chaos unfolding at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in Los Angeles, California.

Fox News reports multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office, have arrived at the university in full-blown riot gear and surrounded the anti-Israel (Marxist) encampment on campus. 

Footage on X shows police trying to break through the protester barrier. Notice how the protesters mostly wear the same brand-new white construction helmets; it seems there was organization and funding for the campus takeover. 

Brainwashed kids in their white helmets chant, "We're not scared." 

Those on the ground describe the situation as "chaotic." 

Here's a recap so far (courtesy of Al Jazeera): 

  • US police have surrounded an anti-war protest camp at UCL
  • Police operation began a day after violent attack by pro-Israel mo
  • Officers entered the camp before leaving shortly after
  • Witnesses say police could be using 'probe and retreat' tactics

Just chaos. 

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is awfully silent about the violent Marxist takeover of America's colleges and universities. Maybe it is because it is optically displeasing to voters to watch leftist indoctrination camps (schools) implode in violence ahead of the presidential elections in November. 

Bloomberg shows the nationwide Marxist takeover of colleges and universities in one map. 

Source: Bloomberg

It's highly speculative, but besides dark Soros money funding the chaos, X user Patrick Webb believes the protests were planned months in advance, as early as November. 

As a reminder, these protests have very little to do with the poor Palestinians and more to do with a Marxist takeover of the US. 

One radical left extremist said the quiet part out loud to hundreds of youngsters this week:

"There's only one solution, intifada revolution. We must have a revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the USA."

And there is hope. As we showed yesterday, the boys at Pi Kappa Phi at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stood against the purple-haired Marxists to protect Old Glory

Commenting on the UNC incident, CIO Kyle Bass said: "It's time we fight back against the spineless 'victims' who represent the rot that has infected our universities." 

The reason why woke universities are all of a sudden cracking down on protesters in unison - mostly likely has to do with the terrible optics for the Democratic Party.