Are Pro-Palestinian Protests Being Hijacked By Marxists To "Destroy Capitalism, Freedom & Democracy"? 

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 25, 2024 - 02:30 AM

Just over a week ago, we asked our readers a very straightforward question: Who is funding this chaos? This question followed incidents where pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted critical infrastructure, such as shutting down airport terminals, blocking bridges, causing major traffic congestion on highway arteries, and targeting the distribution networks of major corporations. 

So, what does shutting down critical infrastructure have to do with helping poor Palestinian children? It has absolutely nothing and more to do with a Marxist movement, similar to the Black Lives Matter movement several years ago, with the one goal to crash the US economy, destroy freedom, and abolish democracy.

Mike Shelby, a former military intelligence non-commissioned officer and contractor, and now the CEO of intelligence services company Forward Observer, sheds more color on a leftist revolutionary group that is very active today and responsible for some of the chaos in 2020 called "A15." 

"A15 is actually a reprise of efforts from Antifa and the far-left revolutionary class we saw in 2020. these activists and militants were making plans to oust then-President Donald Trump if he stayed in office," Shelby wrote on X.

He said, "Their plan was to effectively shut down the US economy to force Trump out of the White House," adding, "Activists publicly stated they would keep the economy disrupted until Trump caved to public pressure and resigned." He warned, "That was their plan and probably still is." 

Shelby said the group has circulated literature on critical chokepoints that, if hit by an attack, could trigger a massive shock to the US economy. 

He continued: "A15 is connected to the Tides Center + Foundation -- the social justice organization central to the 2020 uprisings -- through ActBlue, a political action committee and fundraising arm for the democratic party." 

Shelby warned with the "2024 election less than 7 months away," there are mounting risks of "mass mobilizations" of these bad actors. 

As Marxist revolutionary groups plot their next attacks on critical infrastructure, we would like to remind readers about the surge in news stories in recent years about train derailments, food processing fires, power grid disruptions, and other incidents on critical infrastructure, which some seemed like accidents - but it's not against the law to question if these mysterious incidents were attempts by leftist groups to disrupt the economy. Even one month after the container ship slammed into a bridge in Baltimore and collapsed, it's still not against the law to question if that was an attack on America's infrastructure by foreign adversaries. 

According to Bloomberg data, headlines in the corporate press featuring train derailments have surged over the last 4.5 years. 

Coincidence, who knows? 

Let's gravitate back to pro-Palestinian protests that have a weird obsession with doing absolutely nothing for the poor Palestinians overseas but more to do with trying to disrupt critical infrastructure.

Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman recently warned on X that these protests have "nothing to do with Israel or the Palestinians—most of the protesters are entirely ignorant of those issues."

Friedman continued, "It is a Marxist movement to destroy capitalism, freedom and democracy. The protesters have cleverly hijacked a complex issue and tapped in to the ever-present vein of antisemitism." 

"Make no mistake, these Marxists are not just after Israel. Their real goal is to destroy our Western values and way of life," Friedman concluded.

And the latest A15 disruptions: 

And Gulf sources too? 

Besides A15, we recently pointed out that a little-known international organization called Samidoun could be behind some protests. The Israeli government declared Samidoun a terrorist organization in 2021.

"They support terrorism, and they want to gain public opinion — support — for terrorism," Yossi Kuperwasser, the former chief of the research division in the Israel Defense Forces' military intelligence unit, recently said. 

Who is funding this chaos that appears to be ramping up ahead of summer? Is it dark Soros money or Gulf sources? 

Also, why is Biden's Department of Justice publicly silent on this increasing national security threat?