Biden Loses Cool, Berates Female Finnish Journalist Over NATO 'Instability' Question

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jul 13, 2023 - 07:45 PM

All we have to say is, "what if this were Trump?" 

President Biden while in Helsinki on Thursday got testy with a young Finnish reporter. He lost his cool in response to a legitimate question related to the atmosphere of NATO infighting on display in Vilnius, connected with Ukraine's hopes of joining the alliance being dashed. A female journalist posed: "Hearing this answer that 'no one can guarantee a future' - are you worried that the political instability in [the] U.S. will cause issued in the alliance in the future?"

In response, a visibly angry Biden went so far as to get somewhat personal with her in the response, with voiced raised: "You can't tell me whether you're gonna be able to go home tonight!" the president said.

The scolding of the female journalist took place as Biden met with President Sauli Niinistö of Finland. It was certainly a fair question considering the controversial events of the NATO summit the prior two days in Lithuania, which we detailed here.

In moments where he wasn't seen scolding reporters, Biden was desperate to paper over the prior days and events which evidenced forth cracks in the alliance, by declaring that Putin is 'losing'--or has supposedly "already lost"...

All of this provides more indicators that things aren't going well for White House policy in Ukraine, and in its attempts to lead a 'unified' front on behalf of the West.

Even when meeting with Zelensky, things were clearly tense and testy, with Biden not doing well when Q&A sessions are not perfectly scripted, as he's used to having during typical pressers at the White House...

And then of course it was all topped off with the "Vladimir" moment, seen below.

It's worth watching Justin Trudeau's reaction in the background...