Democrats Rob Youth Of Future As Inner City Education Implodes

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Dec 24, 2023 - 01:45 PM

Progressives often pride themselves as the sole party focused on education, particularly in inner cities, and frequently criticize conservatives for being 'heartless' towards the future of young people. While Democrats advocate for unprecedented education funding, they tend to overlook actual performance metrics in inner-city public schools and label anyone 'racist' who even dares to question sliding test scores. 

In the case of Baltimore City Public Schools, the country's fourth most funded school system, investigative journalist Chris Papst of Fox45 News' Project Baltimore has been on a six-year crusade against corruption at the highest level in the school system, some of which includes a possible citywide grade scandal and coverup of test scores - all of which implies those running the show are more interested in their salaries than students' futures. 

The latest data Papst has found should be absolutely shocking to residents and parents of the school system, along with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, and question why those in the school system and City Hall continue to rob the future of inner-city students. 

According to new data obtained by Papst and his team, nearly 65% of Baltimore City's 148 rated schools earned one or two stars, the lowest possible rating, from the Maryland State Department of Education. 

For some context, in surrounding counties, Baltimore County only received 27.6% of schools that received one and two-star schools. Next was Anne Arundel County, with 11.2%, 4% in Howard County, and just 2.7% in Carroll County. 

Meanwhile, Baltimore City Schools had a $1.7 billion budget this year to educate 75,811 students, or about $22,424 per student, one of the highest amounts per student for a large school city nationwide. Despite high spending, nearly two-thirds of all schools had the lowest performance ratings in the state. 

Other data shows chronic absenteeism across the school system jumped 2.5x since 2016. 

These numbers out of Baltimore indicate a broader education decline nationwide - conveniently blamed on Covid

Source: AXIOS 

This evidence suggests that Democrats have destroyed public education in inner cities.

Maybe residents are catching on to the failures... Boycott Baltimore City Schools? 

However, the question remains as to why the Biden administration ignores the imploding futures of inner-city youth just 40 miles to the north. Maybe the Ukraine war is more important.