Infowar: Biden Begins Next PR Blitzkrieg To Sway Minds Of Americans

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Mar 11, 2024 - 11:45 AM

Two weeks ago, we described how, after two or so months since House Democrats abandoned the Biden administration's propaganda campaign to sell the American people on disastrous "Bidenomics," the White House would pivot to a new messaging strategy of "shrinkflation." 

The latest Google search of "shrinkflation" news stories shows what appears to be a flood of them across corporate media outlets. 

It appears Biden's PR team hired the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street... How much did that cost?

According to Bloomberg data, the story count of news stories featuring "shrinkflation" surged this week to 1,365, up from 332 the week before. The first spike in shrinkflation headlines was a trial balloon by the White House around the Super Bowl. 

Democrats and the White House have scrambled for a new messaging strategy after the Bidenomics PR campaign ended in disaster, failing to lift the president's polling data. 

On Thursday night, Biden attacked companies at the State of the Union address. 

Biden's messaging strategies have failed so far because voters don't trust the elderly president, who has ruined the financial health of working poor households with rampant inflation. 

The Biden administration has given up on blaming Putin for inflation. 

Perhaps out-of-control government spending, $1 trillion every three months, is driving inflation.

But don't tell Biden's 70-person social media team that...