Shocking Video Reveals Democrats Stuffed Nearly 3,000 Illegals Into Chicago Warehouse 

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023 - 01:20 AM

A new video has surfaced on X showing the location of a warehouse in the Chicago metro area where nearly 3,000 illegal migrants have been packed into. This comes as the US southern border continues to spiral out of control as disastrous open border policies by the Biden administration have flooded major metro areas with hundreds of thousands of illegals, if not more. 

"I honestly couldn't believe it when I first heard it. 2700 illegals being housed in a warehouse in south Chicago (2241 S. Halsted St)," Ben Bergquam, a reporter for Real America's Voice News, said in a post on X. 

Bergquam continued, "People have no idea how bad this is going to get! The truth about the Democrat's illegal invasion: drugs, prostitution, child trafficking, and modern-day slavery." 

In late September, local media CBS 2 reported that the 2241 S. Halsted St. warehouse would house upwards of 400 families with children, with plans to expand to 1,000. If Bergquam's figures are correct, the warehouse is quickly running out of room. 

Just last week, sources with the Customs and Border Protection confirmed to Fox News that Tuesday was the largest single-day illegal migrant encounter ever on the US-Mexico border. 

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, since President Biden took office, there have been more than 9 million illegal entries into the US on the southern border. 

Meanwhile, other failing progressive metro areas, like New York City, are being overrun by illegal migrants. 

It's not hard to recognize why Democrats are welcoming illegals with open arms ahead of the 2024 election cycle:

And this. 

While Democrats lose the black vote... 

Democrats are focused on a new voting base coming over the southern border.