Watch: Zennials Are Terrified Of Military Draft As War Looms

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Oct 28, 2023 - 02:40 AM

The irony and hypocrisy is dripping across social media as zennials slowly begin to realize that the consequences of their support for establishment elitism might come back to bite them in the ass.  Keep in mind that this is the generation most inclined to vote for Joe Biden and his ilk, and the generation most inclined to rabidly support war against Russia in Ukraine.  These were the same people clamoring for hundreds of billions of dollars in American weapons and funding to be sent to Ukraine to prolong a losing war leading to the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian draftees. 

These were the exact same people that applauded the argument that sacrificing drafted Ukrainian troops in an ideological proxy conflict with Russia was "cheaper" and more efficient than sending American troops to fight.  Now, when they are faced with the possibility of being drafted into a different foreign quagmire, their blood thirst has suddenly abated.

As we have seen in the past year in the Donbass, wars are won with soldiers, not technology and money.  Without a steady supply of troops any defensive or offensive posture will steadily degrade.  

This month, Google searches for "Will I get drafted into war..." hit the highest number since the 2007 Iraq war surge; people are getting worried.  If the US is dragged into a multi-front conflict in the Middle East, then a new draft is almost assured.  Military recruitment numbers for the past several years have been dismal, with up to 77% of Gen Z not even meeting preliminary physical and mental qualifications as well as not being able to pass criminal background checks.  In some cases, the DoD has been forced to build pre-boot facilities called "fat camps" just to get recruits physically ready enough to survive normal boot camp. 

This is setting aside the fact that the majority of modern youth are completely devoid of the mental toughness and discipline required for basic training.  As of 2022 it is estimated that over 42% of Gen Z has been diagnosed with at least one mental illness, but prospects are even dimmer that that.  It is also estimated that another 20% have not sought help for their mental health problems, with 62% of Gen Z taking medications to help with conditions such as "anxiety."

Zennials have taken to TikTok and other media sites to proclaim that they are not capable of fighting in a war and will avoid a draft at all costs.  Remember when zennials demanded more gay and trans representation in the military?  Well, now they've changed their minds - They are far too gay and weak to go into combat and want 2nd Amendment conservatives to fight instead...

Fantasies of running off to the hills aside (these people would not last one week in the woods or one month in prison), there is an extreme disconnect between the demands Zennials made a couple years ago and the price they are willing to pay for those demands now.

Remember when these same people threatened conservatives with severe punishment if they refused to comply with covid mandates?  Remember when they said the military could be used to crush conservatives should they fight back and that "AR-15s are useless against F16s?"  Apparently, the military is now incapable of functioning without conservatives and can't engage in a war unless conservatives lead the way.  It has been said for years that woke people can't fight, they get others to fight for them.  Now they admit it.  

Interestingly, this is one area of political discourse where leftists and conservatives, Gen Z and "Boomers," might actually agree:  Almost no one supports a new draft.  However, there are plenty of people that wouldn't mind seeing zennials thrown into boot camp for a while just so they can learn a much needed lesson in humility, and perhaps rethink their political positions more clearly.

Zennials say that the economy is "worse now than it has ever been" and paint themselves as the most suffering generation of all time (whatever happened to the miracle of Bidenomics?).  US education standards have dropped off the map, which is probably why they've never heard of the Great Depression or the stagflation crisis of the 1970s.  Conditions during these events were far worse than what we are experiencing today, though, things are likely to decline rapidly in the wake of WWIII.  Maybe one day soon their delusions of martyrdom will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

And of course, as the manure hits the fan they will continue to blame "capitalism" instead of the socialist/globalist ideals they have been supporting for years.  The reason America as a country is no longer worth fighting for is exactly because of the anti-American policies many zennials argue in favor of.  Perhaps with the advent of a renewed draft the younger generations will come to realize the wisdom in treating the government with suspicion and vigilance instead of always blindly defending state authority in the assumption that it will only ever hurt their ideological enemies.