What Can You Do If A Mob Of Far-Left Antifa-Style Rioters Surround Your Car?

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023 - 03:05 AM

Law-abiding citizens are wondering what to do when a mob of far-left Antifa-style rioters surround their vehicle, sort of like the incident on Sunday where pro-Palestinian protesters illegally blocked a city street in downtown Minneapolis and attacked an apparently confused elderly man in his car. 

Washington Gun Law President William Kirk addressed the viral video showing an elderly man surrounded by a mob of angry pro-Palestinian protestors who began damaging his vehicle. This incident raises a frequent question Kirk has received in the last few days: How should one respond when an aggressive crowd besieges their vehicle?

Here's the video:

Kirk provides a legal framework around self-defense laws and when a driver can and cannot use lethal force when surrounded by far-left Antifa-style rioters: 

Legal Standpoint:

  • Understanding of self-defense laws is crucial.
  • Key principles of self-defense:
    • Force can be used in self-defense if it is necessary, reasonable, and proportional.
    • Lethal force can only be used under specific conditions (imminent threat of death, serious injury, etc.).
    • Driving into or over individuals can be considered deadly force.
  • Defending property:
    • Cannot use lethal force solely to defend property.
    • Physical threats to individuals inside the car can justify the use of force.


  • If only the car is being damaged, lethal force is not justified.
  • If windows are being smashed, the potential threat of serious bodily injury arises.
  • If attackers are trying to pull people out of the car, it indicates an imminent threat, potentially justifying lethal force.
  • The driver in the video showed restraint and did not use lethal force despite being surrounded twice.


  • Importance of understanding local laws and ensuring responses are in line with legal requirements.
  • Washington Gun Law resources are linked for those interested.
  • Final message about the importance of being a lawful and responsible gun owner and understanding applicable laws.

Watch Here:

If progressive city leadership in Minneapolis had prioritized law and order, the incident would never have occurred on Sunday. We encourage readers to familiarize themselves with their state's self-defense laws during uncertain times. To minimize potential confrontations, it might be wise to consider moving away from imploding Democrat-controlled urban centers for rural areas as disastrous 'defund the police' policies unleash a crime crisis like this country has never seen before.