"X" Tops App Store Downloads Ahead Of Historic Tucker Carlson Interview With Putin

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 07, 2024 - 11:55 PM

Ahead of Tucker Carlson's interview with President Vladimir Putin, Elon Musk's "X" social media platform, known for upholding free speech, has seen a surge in downloads by iPhone and iPad users on Apple's App Store. This anticipation for the interview, which has the potential to break the internet (and only exclusive on X and Tucker's website), has already caused a stir among neoconservatives and the legacy media outlets that oversee the censorship-industrial complex, especially since Carlson was seen in Moscow this week. 

 "X is the number 1 free app in the App Store right now, beating out ChatGPT, Threads, and TikTok," X user Whole Mars Catalog said. 

X user DogeDesigner pointed out that no matter how many misinformation campaigns (read: here) legacy media runs against X, the reality is: "𝕏 is the #1 app in the AppStore." Musk chimed in by quoting the post: "It's almost as though you can't trust the media." 

Research firm SensorTower also showed X soaring to the top of the App Store ahead of Tucker's interview with Putin, which is expected to be released late Thursday afternoon. X now ranks number one in all free categories and news.

While legacy media in the free world melts down over the upcoming interview.

...Europeans, supposedly in the free Western world, want to sanction the journalist

Why didn't the EU want to sanction these corporate media journos?  

As a journalist, Trucker has the autonomy to interview Putin without needing to justify his actions. He is not bound by the Biden administration, the censorship-industrial complex, or any corporate media outlets, and corporations, which means those on X are about to receive diverse viewpoints about Urakine from the other side that might allow folks to wake up about how NATO and Russia are on the cusp of WW3

Meanwhile, the Biden administration's efforts to suppress diverse viewpoints and inhibit critical debate are eroding the foundational principles of democratic societies.