Atlantic Comes Alive: NHC Tracks Not One, Not Two, But Five Tropical Systems

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 21, 2023 - 08:40 PM

Now a post-tropical cyclone, Hilary was moving through Nevada early Monday with maximum sustained winds of 39 mph. The storm battered parts of Southern California with heavy winds and torrential rainfall on Sunday. Shifting our attention to the once-quiet Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center tracks five tropical systems. 

After a "historic lull" in tropical activity across the Central Atlantic this hurricane season, NHC is tracking Tropical Storm Franklin, located 245 miles south of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Behind Franklin is Tropical Storm Gert, located 455 miles east-southeast of the northern Leeward Islands. Then Tropical Storm Emily is over 1,100 miles west-northwest of the Cape Verde Islands.

Besides TS Franklin, Gert, and Emily, NHC also tracks two more systems. Invest 91L is located in the Gulf of Mexico, with an 80% probability of forming in the next seven days. And Invest 92L is located in the eastern Atlantic and has a 70% chance of formation this week. 

Earlier this month, Ryan Maue, a meteorologist and former NOAA chief scientist, posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Global major hurricane activity remains at near 40+year lows." 

However, Maue noted, "Using a 3-year running sum, a repeating cycle arises in the sum of global major hurricanes... We are in a historical lull, but we should assume an upswing with El Niño."