Sinaloa's Top Assassin Extradited To US For Flooding Nation With Fentanyl

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, May 26, 2024 - 04:50 PM

The US Justice Department announced on Saturday the extradition of a top assassin for the Sinaloa drug cartel to the US who was recently arrested by Mexican authorities. The cartel has been responsible for flooding America with fentanyl via the Biden administration's open southern borders, sparking the worst overdose drug crisis this nation has ever seen. 

Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas, also known as "El Nini," one of America's most-wanted criminals, was extradited to the US for his role in "illicit fentanyl trafficking." 

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland released this statement: 

"This morning, Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas, also known as 'El Nini,' was extradited to the United States. We allege El Nini was one of the Sinaloa Cartel's lead sicarios, or assassins, and was responsible for the murder, torture, and kidnapping of rivals and witnesses who threatened the cartel's criminal drug trafficking enterprise.

"We also allege El Nini was a part of the Sinaloa Cartel's production and sale of fentanyl, including in the United States. I am grateful to our Mexican government counterparts for their extraordinary efforts in apprehending and extraditing El Nini. 

"With this enforcement action, El Nini joins the growing list of cartel leaders and associates indicted in, and extradited to, the United States. The Justice Department will continue to go after the cartels responsible for flooding our communities with fentanyl and other drugs."

The majority of Americans will never forget the disastrous open southern borders, flooding the nation with ten million unvetted illegal aliens and fentanyl, that has caused chaos and death from coast to coast. The US drug death catastrophe has now exceeded the entire Vietnam War every six months. Most of this is linked to fentanyl-laced narcotics pushed by Mexican cartels. 

News from Baltimore this week, just north of the White House, shows the imploding metro area run by radical Democrats (half-century of Democratic control) has been crowned the overdose capital of America. 

Source: NYT 

Remember, Nancy Pelosi got her political start in Baltimore - yet she's too focused on trading stocks than actually caring about issues plaguing the working poor and black community. The very fact that federal, state, and local progressive lawmakers care very little about enforcing common sense law and order, not just at the southern border but in metro areas, has sparked monumental failures and led to surges in the drug death catastrophe nationwide. 

Americans must demand accountability at the polls this November for the chaos radical leftists who pushed failed open southern borders, embraced Soros-backed DAs and mayors, and failed criminal and social justice reforms that have only ignited crime and chaos nationwide. 

Don't worry. Americans will never get accountability from the radical left because as they try to install a socialist hellhole, they will flee to their second, third, and or fourth homes on liberal elite islands, such as Martha's Vineyard. 

You know, if Trump wins in November - it's game over for the cartels. It's time to get serious - also, potentially hitting Mexican banks with sanctions. Follow the money. Why can't the Biden team do that?