Meta's Threads User-Hemorrhage Continues

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 21, 2023 - 01:25 PM

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted in leaked audio last month that Threads, a Twitter clone, was failing after it experienced a massive influx of users, upwards of 100 million downloads in five days after lunch but has since hemorrhaged a large percentage of those users.  

At Thread's peak, just days after the July 5 launch, the microblogging app had 50 million daily active users worldwide.

Now the total number of daily active users is less than ten million, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing new data from analytics firm SimilarWeb. 

Since the launch 47 days ago (as of Monday), the amount of time users spend on the app has crashed an astonishing 85%.

We have detailed the 'unthreading' of Threads in a series of notes:


Elon Musk tweeted in late July that X, formerly known as Twitter, hit a new record high of 541.5 million monthly users. 

Meta's scramble for retention-driving hooks to keep people on their app is failing. Also, the move by mainstream media's concerted effort to bash Twitter during Threads' launch has ended in a bust. 

Add Threads to the list of Zuck's recent failures, including Metaverse and smart glasses.