60 Million Americans Under Freeze Alerts As Powerful Arctic Blast Crashes Temps Nationwide

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 31, 2023 - 12:00 AM

As highlighted in last week's article (view here), temperatures across the Lower 48 are diving as a cold blast pours in from Canada. These bone-chilling temperatures come just in time for Halloween. About 250 million Americans are feeling below-average temperatures, while 60 million will be under frost or freeze alerts.

According to private weather forecaster BAMWX, the cold air invasion has already begun:

A lot of record cold lows on the table to start out November. 20s all the way down to Central Texas with temperatures 15 - 20F below normal.

We first called for a major Halloween cold front 2 weeks ago and it is here. 

Fox Weather said the cold blast will affect more than "250 million Americans from coast to coast," while 60 million Americans, from Big Bend of Texas to the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, will be under cold weather alerts. 

Meteorologist Beau Dodson said the worst cold weather will be on Wednesday morning. He showed on a map where "new record low temperatures will be possible." 

 "Temperatures plunged across Texas now more than 30°F below normal for Oct 30th. Overall the Lower 48 is an astounding 13°F below normal," meteorologist Ryan Maue said

This is wild! 

... and this. 

Bloomberg data shows the cold shot will be short-lived. However, Lower 48 temps are expected to drop again by mid-month. 

Recall it feels like just yesterday when corporate media was pushing climate misinformation by attempting to persuade the public that Earth was recklessly spiraling into a boiling crisis. 

Also, remember, NOAA had to run far away from lying corporate media about the "hottest day ever." At the same time, 1,600 scientists around the world signed a declaration declaring there was no climate emergency

We penned several notes that an El Nino winter could leave some parts of the Lower 48 with a cold and snowy winter: 

New snow forecasts for the Mid-Alantic show a snowy winter from DC to NYC. 

But-but-but corporate media said the Earth is boiling... 

Time to buy a snowmobile?