Major Cold Trend Set To Unleash 'Frost-Freeze' Threat Across Eastern US

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Sep 29, 2023 - 12:40 AM

We all survived the apparent 'climate apocalypse' corporate media warned about this summer with endless headlines about how the world would imminently erupt into a giant fireball. The climate math pushed by media outlets such as ABC, The New York Times, Axios, and Bloomberg was so questionable that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had to denounce the media 'hysteria' about the "hottest day ever." By late August, 1,600 scientists signed a declaration refuting the existence of a climate crisis, as now the loudest media outlets warning about climate doom have gone silent as fall approaches. 

Looking at Bloomberg data using the "NT" headline search function, "hottest day ever" in all media headlines tends to surge in July, the hottest point of the Northern Hemisphere summer. Like 2022, the public was bombarded with climate doom headlines this summer as media tried to convince folks that cow farts and petrol cars were behind sweltering temperatures. Now, those headlines have all but vanished. 

"Hottest day ever" headlines surged at the time average temperatures across the Lower 48 peak in July. A 30-year seasonal trend of average temperatures showed, for the most part, that deviation from the mean was not severe. And since the peak, Lower 48 average temperatures have been sliding. 

The climate is changing:

Now, meteorologists forecast a cold front to sweep parts of the Lower 48 in weeks. 

Private weather forecasters BAMWX said, "We have been talking about an October cold front for weeks in our videos to clients. Overnight data took a MAJOR turn to cool!" 

"*MAJOR* colder trends across all of the model data last night," BAMWX continued, adding, "One of the biggest flips in model guidance we've seen in a long time and it would increase the threat of a frost/freeze the second week of October for the Midwest/Great Lakes/NE US." 

In a separate forecast, meteorologist Spencer Denton of Action Five News in Memphis forecasts a similar cold blast around Oct. 10: "There are signs of our first decent fall cold front arriving around Oct. 10. How cool or cold is still in question. Stay tuned fall weather fans." 

Another meteorologist shared a long-term snow forecast... 


We cited Peter Geiger, editor of the Farmer's Almanac, in an Aug. 19 weather note that said, "The 'brrr' is coming back! We expect more snow and low temperatures nationwide."

Suppose a cold blast does materialize in the Lower 48 by mid-Oct. It may have widespread implications for ag and energy markets. 

Journos at corporate media are plotting their next bombardment of headlines, somehow linking cold weather to cow farts. 

The climate is constantly changing, and the global warming narrative is imploding as even climate alarmist Bill Gates had to backtrack on his 'climate doom' prophecies recently.