Peter Thiel And Rebekah Mercer May Invest in Tucker Carlson's New Media Empire

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Aug 08, 2023 - 07:25 PM

Tucker Carlson recently told journalist and author Chadwick Moore: "I really do think the cable news business has a limited future." 

Since leaving Fox News in April, Carlson's widely popular Twitter show has attracted tens of millions of views, if not more, underscoring his point that legacy cable news is dying. 

A new report from CNBC details two GOP megadonors, Peter Thiel and Rebekah Mercer, are considering investing in Carlson's new media empire with Twitter as its backbone

People familiar with the matter said Mercer has spoken with Carlson about investing in the unnamed media company. They added that Theil is very interested after hearing new details about the venture. 

"It was unclear Monday whether Thiel or Mercer had officially moved ahead with a financing plan," the people said. 

Carlson and his team's funding efforts to attract GOP megadonors are a great sign that the ex-Fox News anchor's new media empire could be set to liftoff. 

In mid-July, The Wall Street Journal said Tucker and former White House adviser Neil Patel are preparing to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the new media company with Twitter as its backbone. 

WSJ noted that Carlson plans to offer episodes for free while charging a subscription for shorter versions of his show, interviews, and documentaries. The new media organization could expand with other shows from additional hosts. 

CNBC said, "Any business between Carlson and Mercer could be part of a larger financing effort led by 1789 Capital, which is already planning an eight-figure investment into the former Fox News host's media venture." 

Revisiting Carlson's initial comment at the top of the article suggests that traditional media is dying, and a new era of journalism is imminent (here's Carlson's latest show: watch).