Starlink Completes "Successful" Military Test Deep In Arctic  

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Dec 08, 2023 - 01:40 AM

The one thing progressive corporate media and the radical left in the White House cannot stand is Elon Musk deepening his ties with the Department of Defense from rocket launches to providing the military with high-speed internet beamed from low-Earth orbit. 

According to Bloomberg, Musk's satellite internet service called "Starlink" successfully completed a nine-month pilot test in the harsh, snowy environment in the Arctic.

Brian Beal, principal engineer with the Air Force Research Laboratory's Integrated Capabilities Directorate, stated that StarLink was a "reliable and high-performance communications system in the Arctic, including on-the-move applications." 

Beal said the test ended in June and evaluated Starlink's usefulness for high-speed internet in remote areas that can be set up in minutes.

"We tested in some very high winds and very cold temperatures," he said, adding, "That all went smoothly though. Once we got the terminals mounted securely to withstand high winds, they worked great with no issues."

Musk has seen months of success with Starlink. The Pentagon granted Starlink a contract to support Ukraine in June and, in late September, awarded Starlink an additional $70 million contract for the Starshield project

Reports indicate Starlink is preparing for an IPO in 2024. Musk recently announced, "Excited to announce that @SpaceX @Starlink has achieved breakeven cash flow!" 

In September, Tesla blogger Sawyer Merritt posted a graph on X showing Starlink's onboarding of new customers has been parabolic since June 2022. The service now has more than 2 million users worldwide

Meanwhile, SpaceX currently has a $175 billion valuation. It has delivered 80% of all Earth's payload mass to orbit this year. 

Even Jeff Bezos hired Musk for rocket launches as his space company, Blue Origin, has been hit with 'frustrating delays' including a rocket engine explosion during a routine test earlier this year. 

Democrats are furious with Musk's success and have attempted to weaponize federal agencies to hinder the latest Starship launch. 

Musk is becoming the 'uncancellable billionaire.'