Starlink Now Operational Across Entire US As Elon Musk Becomes 'Uncancellable'

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023 - 12:00 AM

For those living off-the-grid or using Starlink as a network redundancy in case of a grid failure, the SpaceX-owned space internet company announced on X that the service is now available across the Lower 48 after deploying next-generation satellites. 

"Deployment of our second generation Starlink satellites, which have 4x more capacity than the first gen, enable us to connect even more people no matter where they live," Starlink wrote in the post. 

It added: "Starlink is now available across the United States." 

Before this announcement, large swaths of the US were pending service, with notes on the map that read coverage would expand by late 2023 or early 2024. 

Data from the website Starlink Satellite Tracker shows that 5,039 satellites have been launched into low Earth orbit over the last several years.

Of that, 4,207 are active, 591 have burned up, and 241 are inactive. 

In recent weeks, Starlink announced over 2 million active users on the network worldwide, a doubling in active users in only nine months. 

We noted in August that the number of Americans searching "live off-grid" on the internet rose to the highest level in five years. We said at the time, "The driving force behind finding a rural piece of land for dirt cheap, buying or building a tiny home, installing solar panels, and sourcing your own food and water might have to do with the worst inflation storm in a generation while Democrat cities implode under the weight of soaring violent crime." 

Here's what X users are saying:


How are you going to get high-speed internet in the sticks? Well, not through Jeff Bezos' Kuiper, but instead Musk's Starlink. 

Democrats have tried to cancel Musk over the Starlink controversy in Ukraine. The fact is, as of right now, that's impossible as the Pentagon needs the billionaire's rockets and space internet as world war threats continue to emerge (read: here).